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M.TECH: Pondicherry University, Pondicherry


POSITION: Adhoc Faculty

PhD: Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

PHONE: +91 9176841236

AREAS OF INTEREST: Development of biomaterials for water/wastewater treatment, photocatalysis, advanced oxidation processes, environmental biotechnology, bio-pesticide application for agriculture.


Journal Publications


  1. Neghi. N., Gayathri, R., & Mathava Kumar. “Synthesis and application of CS-GO and GAC-TiO2 composites for adsorptive and photocatalytic removal of antibiotics.” Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, 25-4 (2021).
  2. Neghi. N., Mathava Kumar., & Danil Boukhvalov. “Synthesis and application of stable, reusable TiO2 polymeric composites for photocatalytic removal of metronidazole: Removal kinetics and density functional analysis.” Chemical Engineering Journal, 359 (2019), 963-975.
  3. Neghi. N., Navaneeth R. Krishnan., & Mathava Kumar. “Analysis of metronidazole removal and micro-toxicity in photolytic systems: Effects of persulfate dosage, anions and reactor operation-mode.” Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 6-1 (2018), 754-761.
  4. Priyanka Yadav. M. S., Neghi. N., Mathava Kumar., & George K. Varghese. “Photocatalytic-oxidation and photo-persulfate-oxidation of sulfadiazine in a laboratory-scale reactor: Analysis of catalyst support, oxidant dosage, removal-rate and degradation pathway.” Journal of Environmental Management, 222 (2018), 164-173.
  5. Neghi. N., & Mathava Kumar. “Performance analysis of photolytic, photocatalytic, and adsorption systems in the degradation of metronidazole on the perspective of removal rate and energy consumption.” Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 228 (2017),339.
  6. Tasneem Abbasi., Neghi. N., & Abbasi, S. A. "Gainful use of highly invasive terrestrial weed Ipomoea carnea for rapid and green synthesis of silver nanoparticles." International Journal of Current Science, 2,57-62.


International Conferences

  • Neghi. N., & Mathava Kumar. “Metronidazole in UV-TiO2 photocatalytic system: Fate, removal and Mineralization.” at 13th IWA conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems, Greece, 16 September 2016