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  1. Baranidharan S., Sudipta B, Vikas S, Chandra A & Dubey B.K.. (2018) “Life Cycle Assessment of Production of Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles for Supercapacitors” Indian Conference on Life Cycle Management, 04th -05th October, Mumbai, India. (Presented).

  2. Manasa S. N, Lakshmi S.K, Arundhathi V, Varsha V, Dubey B.K. & Baranidharan S (2018) “Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Various Synthesis Routes of Silver Nanoparticles” National Environmental Conference IIT BOMBAY Diamond Jubilee Year Conference (NEC- 2019) 31st Jan – 2nd Feb 2019

Conferences/Workshops organised:

  1. Dr. Reshma has conducted a “User Awareness Workshop on Web of Science”, on 16/10/2018 at NIT Andhra Pradesh.

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  • Vikas Singh and Saurav Anand, students of 4th year, presented a paper at 'International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology' at VelTech Chennai on 'Environment Flow Requirement of Godavari River by Tennant's Method' and 'Soil Reinforcement- Ground Improvement Technique'

  • Vikas Singh and Saurav Anand were awarded the Best Paper for 'Environment Flow Requirement of Godavari River by Tennant's Method' at a conference held at VelTech Chennai by International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology.

  • K Purna Vindhya was an awardee of INSA-IASc-NASI Summer Research Fellowship 2018

  • CR Keerthi was an awardee of the IIT Palakkad Summer Fellowship 2017 and worked on 'Groundwater Flow Modelling of Anuppur Watershed in Palakkad, Kerala'

  • D.Sravya, M.J.D.Srujana, R.P.N.Srinivas, S.Kalyani Lakshmi and V.Varsha have completed a project on 'Exporting on NIT AP Data into web based GIS'

  • Tarak, Akhila and Hima bindu have done a project on '3D modelling of NIT AP'

  • Highest percentage of placements of all branches (2018)

Non Technical:

  • T Uday Kumar had secured 2nd place in 'Instruments' competition at Jnana Bheri programme held at West Godavari

  • Prudhvi, Srikanth, Pavan Sai, Pavan Kumar, Saiteja, Nitin have secured 3rd place in 'Short Movie' competition at Jnana Bheri programme held at West Godavari for the short film 'Motha'


  1. Rajesh, B. G., and Choudhury, D. (2018). “Computation of sliding displacements of seawalls under earthquake conditions.” Natural Hazards (ISSN: 0921-030X, Impact Factor: 1.901/2017), Springer, Netherlands, (in press, available online with doi: 10.1007/s11069-018-3531-5).

  2. Vikas S, Sudipta B, Baranidharan S., Prasenjit H., Dubey B.K..& Chandra A (2018) “High surface area and performing morphology cannot be the driving force for choice of electrode material in energy storage devices – Combined life cycle and electrochemical studies to support the use of simpler over hierarchical nanostructures” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (Tentatively accepted, Under Re-Review-Manuscript ID: sc-2018-06413j)