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M.TECH: Christ University, India


POSITION: Assistant Professor

PHD: Kyungbuk National University, South Korea

PHONE: +91 

AREAS OF INTEREST: Cryptography & Information Security


1.  Courses Taught

  • Computer Networks  (Spring 2019)
  • Cryptography and Network Security  (Fall 2018)
  • Software Engineering  (Fall 2018)
  • Computer Networks  (Spring 2017)
  • Mobile Systems Security  (Fall 2017)


2.  Professional Experience

  • Working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of CSE at NIT-Andhra Pradesh since July, 2018.
  • Worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer & Information Security at Sejong University, South Korea.
  • Worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the KINDI Center for Computing Research at Qatar University in collaboration with Purdue University.

3.  Publications

  • A. G. Reddy, D. Suresh, K. Phaneendra, J. S Shin, and V Odelu. "Provably Secure Pseudo-Identity Based Authentication for Smart Cities Environment" Sustainable Cities and Society - Elsevier, Vol. 41, pp. 878-885, 2018.    
  • A. G. Reddy, A. K. Das, V. Odelu, A. Ahmad, and J. S. Shin, “A privacy  Preserving three-factor authenticated key agreement protocol for client-server environment Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing – Springer, 2018 [in press].     
  • A Anjum, Naveed, M. Asif, A. Khan, A. G. Reddy*, and T. Saba. "Privacy Preserving Data by Conceptualizing Smart Cities using MIDR-AngelizationSustainable Cities and Society – Elsevier, 2018  [in press].
  • M. Hussain, M. Ahmed, A. Khan, A. Ahmed, G. Jeon, and A. G. Reddy*. “Towards ontology-based Multilingual URL Filtering: A Big Data Problem” Journal of Supercomputing – Springer, 2018 [in press].  
  • A. Ahmad, M. Babar, S. Din, M. Rathore, A. Paul, and A. G. Reddy*. “Socio-Cyber Network: The Potential of Cyber-Physical System to Define Human Behaviors using Big Data Analytics.” Future Generation Computer Systems - Elsevier, 2018 [in press].   
  • A. K. Sutrala, A. K. Das, N. Kumar, A. G. Reddy, and J. Rodrigues. "On the Design of Secure User Authenticated Key Management Scheme for Multi-Gateway Based Wireless Sensor Networks using ECC." International Journal of Communication Systems - Wiley, 2018 [in press]. 
  • K. Hameed, A. Khan, M. Ahmed, A. G. Reddy*, and M. U. Rathore, “Towards a Formally Verified Zero Watermarking Scheme for Data Integrity in the Internet of Things based Wireless Sensor Networks.” Future Generation Computer Systems - Elsevier, Vol. 82, pp. 274-289, 2018.  
  • D. I. Kim, H. Lee, J. Lee, A. G. Reddy, and J. S. Shin. “Comparison of Security Related Methods in Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) and one Machine-to-Machine (oneM2M) for Security InteroperabilityInternational Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions – Inderscience, 2018 [in press].
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  • A. G. Reddy, E. J. Yoon, and K. Y. Yoo, "Comment on 'Efficient and secure dynamic ID-based remote user authentication scheme for distributed systems using smart cards'." IET Information Security, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 220-221, 2017.   
  • S. Challa, A. K. Das, N. Kumar, A. G. Reddy, E. J. Yoon, and K. Y. Yoo, “Secure signature-based authenticated key establishment scheme for future IoT applications.” IEEE Access, Vol. 5, pp. 3028-3043, 2017.    
  • A. G. Reddy, A. K. Das, E. J. Yoon, and K. Y. Yoo, "An Anonymous Authentication with Key-Agreement Protocol for Multi-Server Architecture Based on Biometrics and Smartcards." KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (TIIS), Vol. 10(7), pp. 3371-3396, 2016.   
  • A. G. Reddy, A. K. Das, V.Odelu, and K. Y. Yoo. "An Enhanced Biometric Based Authentication with Key-Agreement Protocol for Multi-Server Architecture Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography." PLoS ONE, Vol. 11, No. 5 (2016): e0154308.    
  • A. G. Reddy, A. K. Das, E. J. Yoon, and K. Y. Yoo, "A Secure Anonymous Authentication Protocol for Mobile Services on Elliptic Curve Cryptography." IEEE Access, Vol. 4, pp. 4394-4407, 2016. 
  • A. G. Reddy, E. J. Yoon, A. K. Das, and K. Y. Yoo. "Lightweight authentication with key-agreement protocol for mobile network environment using smart cards." IET Information Security, Vol. 10, No. 5, pp. 272-282, 2016. 
  • A. G. Reddy, E. J. Yoon, Y. J. Kim, and K. Y. Yoo, “Design of A Secure Mutual Authenticated Key-Agreement Protocol for Multi-Server Architecture.” Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Applications (ACM ICICA 2017), Canberra, Australia.
  • A. G. Reddy, E. J. Yoon, A. K. Das, and K. Y. Yoo, “An enhanced anonymous two-factor mutual authentication with key agreement scheme for session initiation protocol.” Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Security of Information and Networks (ACM SIN 2016), New Jersey, USA.
  • D. Kumar, and  A. G. Reddy*, “Biometric authentication using near infrared hand vein pattern with adaptive threshold technique” 2nd International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Computing and Communication Technology, (IEEE iCATccT 2016), Bangalore, India.
  • A. G. Reddy, G. J. Lee, and K. Y. Yoo, “An anonymous ID-based remote mutual authentication with key agreement protocol on ECC using smart cards.” Proceedings of the 30th Conference on Symposium of Applied Computing (ACM SAC 2015), Salamanca, Spain.
  • A. G. Reddy, D. S. Kim, and K. Y. Yoo, “Implicit graphical password mutual authentication using mirror-image encryption.” Proceedings of the Conference on Research in Adaptive and Convergent Systems (ACM RACS 2014), Baltimore, USA.?
  • A. G. Reddy, and K. Y. Yoo, “Study of Authentication Techniques for Next Generations.” 2014 Annual Conference of the Electronics Engineering Society of Korea. Jeju, South Korea.

4.  Research Projects

5.  Patent

  • E. J. Yoon, K. Y. Yoo, and A. G. Reddy, “Apparatus for protecting copyright contents from forgery based on reversible data hiding method and computer recordable medium storing program method.” [Filed to South Korea]

                Number: 9-2008-100061-9

6.  PhD Guidance 

7.  Consultancy

8.  Achievements

  •   Awarded Faculty Research Fund from the Sejong University, 2017  [$5000]
  •   Awarded KNU Honours Scholarship for PhD studies  [$12,000]
  •   Awarded student travel grant from Brain Korea 21 Plus, Korea, 2014  [$2,500]
  •   Awarded student travel grant from Ministry of Science, Korea, 2015  [$2,500]
  •   Awarded student travel grant from Brain Korea 21 Plus, Korea, 2016  [$2,500]
  •   Awarded student travel grant from Brain Korea 21 Plus, Korea, 2017  [$2,500] 

9. Memberships

    a. Standard Bodies
  •  Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  •  Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  •  Member, International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
  •  Member, IEEE Computer Society

10. Misc

          Winter Schools
  •  Attended the 8th Bar-Ilan University Winter School on Cryptography, Feb 11-15, 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  •  Attended the Qatar University Cyber Security Week, Apr 23-27, 2017, Doha, Qatar.
         Workshop & Conference
  •  Attended 16th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS). Jul 2-4, 2018, Leuven, Belgium
  •  Attended 5th Workshop on Cryptography and Security in Computing Systems (HiPEAC), Jan 22-24, 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom.
         Scholarly Services

          Technical Program Committee Member of:

  1.  International Conference on Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration (MIKE 2017, 2018)
  2.  International Conference on Next Generation Computing Technologies (NGCT 2017, 2018).

           Reviewer of:

  1.  IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE
  2.  IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, IEEE
  3.  IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, IEEE
  4.  IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, IEEE
  5.  IET Information Security, IET
  6.  IEEE Access, IEEE
  7.  Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Elsevier
  8.  Computer Networks, Elsevier
  9.  Wireless Personal Communications, Springer
  10.  IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, IEEE
  11.  KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, KETI
  12.  Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Wiley
  13.  Sustainable Cities and Society, Elsevier
  14.  Security and Communication Networks, Hindawi
  15.  IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, IEEE
  16.  International Journal of Communication Systems, Wiley
  17.  Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier