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Dr. Karthick Seshadri

NAME: Dr. Karthick Seshadri

M.TECH: M.Tech. in CS from NIT, Trichy


POSITION: Assistant Professor

PHD: Distributed graph theoretic and learning algos.

PHONE: +91 0000000000

AREAS OF INTEREST: Ph.D. Thesis topic: Distributed unsupervised learning and graph-theoretic models for hierarchical clustering. Areas of interest: Algorithms (Randomized, Approximation, Parallel), Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Web/Text Mining, Performance Modeling, Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing, Probabilistic graphical models.


1.      Courses Taught

a.      PG

1. Randomized and Approximation Algorithms

2. Performance Modeling

3. Distributed and Grid Computing

4. Machine Learning

5. Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms

6. Probabilistic Graphical Modeling

b.      UG

1. Data Structures and Algorithms

2. Design and Analysis of Algorithms

3. Theory of Computation

4. System Software

5. Operating Systems

5. Compiler Design

6. Grid Computing

7. Object Oriented Programming

8. Problem Solving using Computers

9. Artificial Intelligence

10. Service Oriented Architecture

11. Applied Machine Learning

 2.      Professional (Work) Experience

a.      Worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.

b.      Worked as an IT Associate in Morgan Stanley, Mumbai, India.

c.      Worked as an Assistant Systems Engineer in Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai, India.

               d.    Served as the Head Computer Science and Engineering Department at NIT Andhra Pradesh from Sep 2018 to Sep 2021.

               e.    Working as the Dean (Student Career, Alumni and International Relations) at NIT Andhra Pradesh since Sep 2021.

               f.      Working as an Assistant Professor (Grade I) in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NIT Andhra Pradesh since August 2018.

3.      Selected Publications

a.      Books and Book Chapters :

1. K. Viswanathan Iyer, Karthick S, Book on Discrete Mathematics, Published in Feb2022, Cengage Publishers.

2.Book Chapter on Leveraging Social Networks for Smart Cities: A Case-Study in Mitigation of Air Pollution, Book Series: Communications in Computer and Information Science 808, Springer, pp. 179–193, 2018.

3.Raja Subramanian, Karthick Seshadri, Book Chapter on "Design and Evaluation of a Hybrid Hierarchical Feature Tree based Authorship Inference Technique", Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, pp. 89-104, June 2018.

4. K. Sindhu, Karthick S, Book chapter on “Text Summarization: A Technical Overview and Research Perspectives”, to be published in the Handbook of Intelligent Computing and Optimization for Sustainable Development, Scrivener Publishing, 2021. 

5. Sastry Y, Karthick S, Book chapter on “A Survey on Aspect Extraction Approaches for Sentiment Analysis”, Handbook of Research on Data Preprocessing, Active Learning, and Cost Perceptive Approaches for Resolving Data Imbalance, IGI Global, 2021.

6. Upendar Rao, Karthick S, Book chapter on “Word Embedding Techniques for Sentiment Analyzers - A Review”, New Opportunities for Sentiment Analysis and Information Processing, IGI Global, 2021. 

7. Karthick S, Book chapter on “Parallel hierarchical algorithms for clustering big text corpuses”, published in the IET handbook of Big Data Analytics, IET, 2020.

b.      Journals:

1. Sindhu K, Karthick Seshadri, Chidambaran K, Workload characterization and synthesis for cloud using generative stochastic processes, Journal of Supercomputing (Accepted, In Press) (Q1: Theoretical CS, IF: 2.6).

2. Karthick Seshadri, K. Viswanathan Iyer, Mercy Shalinie S, Design and Evaluation of a Parallel Document Clustering Algorithm based on Hierarchical Latent Semantic Analysis, Concurrency and Computation, Vol. 31, No. 13, July 2019.[IF: 1.536]

3. S. Karthick, S. Mercy Shalinie, Sidharth Manohar, A Distributed Parallel Algorithm For Inferring Hierarchical Groups From Large-Scale Text Corpuses, Wiley-Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Nov 2017. (Special Accept conferred by the Editor) [IF: 1.536]

4. S.Karthick, K. Viswanathan Iyer, Parallelization of a dynamic SVD algorithm and its application in information retrieval, International Journal of Software: Practice and Experience40(10), Wiley, Sept. 2010 [Normalized Impact Factor: 2.028]

5. S. Karthick, S. Mercy Shalinie, Chidambaram Kollengode, Design and Evaluation of a Parallel Algorithm for Inferring Topic Hierarchies, Information Processing and Management 51 (2015), pp. 662-676, Elsevier, DOI: 10.1016/j.ipm.2015.06.006 [Impact Factor: 6.222]

6. S. Karthick, S. Mercy Shalinie, Parallelization of a graph-cut based algorithm for hierarchical clustering of web documents, International Journal of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Wiley, Apr, 2015, DOI: 10.1002/cpe.3545 (In Press) [Source Normalized Impact Factor: 1.536]

7. Nagarathna Ravi, Vimala Rani P, Rajesh Alias Harinarayan R, Mercy Shalinie S, Karthick Seshadri and Pariventhan P, Deep Learning-based Framework for Smart Sustainable Cities: A Case-study in Protection from Air Pollution, International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies, Vol. 15, No.4, 2019.[IF: 0.92]

8. Karthick Seshadri, Aswin M, Mukunthapriya SR, A scalable parallel algorithm for building web directories, Concurrency and Computation, Vol. 33, No. 9, May 2021. [IF:1.536]

9. Jegan R, Tingting L, Rongrong Y., Karthick S, Zhonghua G., Towards greener airports: Development of an assessment framework by leveraging sustainability reports and rating tools, Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Vol. 93, pp. 1-14, 2022.[IF: 4.549]

c.      Conferences/Technical Report:

1. S. Karthick, S. Mercy Shalinie, Parallel Hierarchical Subspace Clustering for Segmenting Large Text Corpuses, IEEE International Conference on Electronics and Informatics, Mar 2017. (Accepted)

2. S.Karthick, S. Umabharathi, S. Kavya Saroja, Parallelization and Dimensionality Reduction for Hierarchical Document Clustering, Conference on Semantics Based Information Retrieval, NIT-Trichy, June, 2016.

3. S. Karthick, S. Mercy Shalinie, Setting up a Log management System in a Data Center, Open Source For You, pp. 40-42, Aug 2015 [Technical Report]

4. S. Karthick, S. Mercy Shalinie, Parallel Algorithms for Merging Topic Trees, Proceedings of the International ACM KDD Conference CODS-2015, Bangalore, India

5. S. Karthick, S. Mercy Shalinie, Chidambaram Kollengode, A Sparsification Technique For Fast Hierarchical Community Detection in Social Networks, Proc. of the International IEEE Conference on Eco-Friendly Computing and Communication Systems, NIT-K, Mangalore, Dec 2014.

6. S. Karthick, S. Mercy Shalinie, Effect of Multi-word Features on the Hierarchical Clustering of Web Documents, IEEE International conference on Recent Trends in IT at Anna University-Chennai, April 2014

7. S. Karthick, Get Your Hands on Code Validator, Open Source For You, Jan 2014 [Technical Report].

8. S.Karthick, S. Mercy Shalinie, Setting up a cloud in an engineering college, LFY Magazine, pp. 25-27 [Technical Report]

9. S.Karthick, K Viswanthan Iyer, A meta-search engine using a latent semantic indexing based clustering algorithm, Adv Pattern Mining and Multimedia Computing Conference, APMMC 2010, NIT Trichy.

10. Raja Subramanian, Karthick Seshadri, "Design and Evaluation of a Hybrid Hierarchical Feature Tree based Authorship Inference Technique", International Conference on Data and Information Systems, Nov 2017.

11. R. Raja S, Karthick S, Randomized Gossip Algorithm based RSU Distribution for VANETs leveraging Fog Computing,  IEEE International Conference on Clean Energy and Energy Efficient Electronics Circuit for Sustainable Development, India, 2019, DOI: 10.1109/INCCES47820.2019.9167694.

12. K. Sindhu and Karthick S, Dimensionality Prediction for Word Embeddings, International Conference on Applications of AI in Engineering, Algorithms for Intelligent Systems, Springer, 2021, India.

13. Sastry Y, Karthick S, A framework for predicting item ratings based on Aspect level Sentiment Analysis, International Conference on Advance Computing and Innovative Technologies in Engineering (ICACITE), IEEE, 2021, Noida, India.

14. K.V. Iyer, Karthick S, Adoption of Virtual Laboratories for Computer Science: Deterrents, Enablers and Modalities, 13th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, July 2021, Spain.

15. Rajan KS, Karthick Seshadri, Balaraman Ravindran, Representation Learning using Graph Neural Nets: A case-study in HMMs, Graph Embedding Track, ECML-PKDD, September 2021.

16. Rajan KS, Karthick Seshadri, Balaraman Ravindran, Metric Learning for comparison of HMMs using Graph Neural Networks, ACML, September 2021. 

17. Karthick Seshadri, Karthikeya Sharma, Gireesh Y, Leveraging NEP 2020 to enhance the cogwheels of skill development in Higher Educational Institutes, NEP Conclave, NIT Andhra Pradesh, 2021.

18. Samriddhee G, Karthick S, A Deep Neural Model to Identify Rationale Behind Sentiments in Product Reviews, Intl Conf of Applied Computational Intelligence and Analytics, NIT Raipur, 2022.

19. K.V. Iyer, Karthick S, Samriddhee G, Some Observations on Huffman Trees, International Conference on Cognitive and Intelligent Computing Springer, 2021.

20. Karthick S, Pavana C, Sindhu K, Chidambaran K, Unsupervised Modeling of Workloads as an Enabler for Supervised Ensemble-Based Prediction of Resource Demands, International Conference on Advances in Data Computing, Communications and Security Springer, 2021.

4.      Research Projects :

1.      Collaborative Project with Nokia (R&D) on Recommender Systems and Text Analytics (PI).

2.      Collaborative Project with Honeywell Technology Solutions on Multi-word Tagging and Sentiment Analysis (Co-PI).

3.      Collaborative Project with Yahoo! on Parallel Machine Learning Algorithms for Topic Modeling (Co-Investigator).

4.      Social Outreach Programme, FOSSEE, Sponsored by IIT-Bombay (Co-Investigator).

5.    Community detection on mobile networks, Idiap research institute, Switzerland (PI)

6.    LinkedIn Sponsored project entitled "A Scalable Resource Requirement Prediction and Provisioning Framework for Elastic Cloud" from 2020 to 2024 as PI (Ongoing).

7.     NIT AP sponsored seed grant project entitled "Effective modeling and efficient processing of data provenance and context-aware information retrieval of web-scale documents" from 2019 to 2021 as PI. (Completed)

8.     IDRBT Hyderabad sponsored R&D project entitled "Intelligent Banking Kiosk" from 2021 to 2023 as PI. (Ongoing)

9.      AI and Robotics Research Park, IISc sponsored R&D project entitled "Design and Evaluation of a Deep Neural Network Framework for Inferring and Ranking Causes for Sentiments in Product Reviews" from 2021-2022 as PI. (Ongoing)

10. MEITY, GoI sponsored project on "Quantum enhanced learning and inference in probabilistic graphical models", 2022 to 2024 as PI. 

5.    Ph.D. Guidance: 

                          1. Sastry Y, VRPS (Full time JRF working on Causal Inference and Ranking for Sentiment Analysis since 2019).

                          2. Sindhu K (Full time scholar working on Workload Characterization and Prediction Techniques for Cloud since 2019).

                          3.  Sushma Rani (Part time scholar working on Distributed Algorithms for community detection in large-scale graphs since 2019).

                          4. Upendar Rao (Part time scholar working on Inference of Sentiment-aware embeddings for code-mixed scripts since 2020).

                           5. Raghava Rao (Part time scholar working on distributed algorithms for graph-cuts since 2020).

                           6. Jegan Ramakrishnan (External Supervisor to this FT scholar from Griffith University, Australia since 2019).

6.        Postgraduate Guidance:

                             1. Samriddhee Ghosh (2020-21),  Area of Research: Sentiment Causality Analysis. (on a project sponsored by ARTPARK, IISc). 

                              2. Manasa Pachava (2020-21) , Area of Research: Cloud workload models (on a project sponsored by LinkedIn Analytics).

                               3. Charan Charupalli (2020-21), Area of Research: Anomaly Detection models.

 7.      Patent:

1. An Indian patent entitled “System and Methods for on the fly intelligent knowledge acquisition and context aware scribing using IoT” has been published in 2021. (Ref no: 201841023572).

2. A utility model entitled "A Scalable Parallel Web Directory Constructor" has been patented by the German Patent Office (Grant Certificate No: 202022100124).

8.      Consultancy

1. Developed an algorithm for Top K aggregated ranking framework for Enixta, Hyderabad.

2. A project entitled “Toll booth Automation” for Madurai Corporation, Tamilnadu.

3. A project entitled “Automation of Postings” for Aravind Eyecare Systems, Madurai, Tamilnadu.

4. A project on Avionics Systems with Honeywell, Madurai.

5. A Project on performance evaluation of Enixta's sentiment analysis algorithms, Enixta, Hyderabad.

9.          FDPs / STTPs Organized:

                         1. A five days FDP on "Machine Learning for Language, Vision and Control" sponsored by the E&ICT Academy NIT Warangal 
                                was organized during 25.03.2019 to 30.03.2019.
                         2. A five days FDP on "Data Analytics" sponsored by NIT Andhra Pradesh was organized
                               during 15.06.2020 to 19.06.2020.
                         3. A five days FDP on "Deep Learning for NLP" sponsored by NIT Andhra Pradesh was organized
                               during 23.11.2020 to 27.11.2020.
                         4. A five days FDP on "Machine Learning for Language and Vision" sponsored by AICTE ATAL Academy was organized
                              during 01.02.2021 to 05.02.2021.
                         5. A five days Short Term Training Programme on "Design Thinking" sponsored by CRIIC, NIT Andhra Pradesh
                              was organized during September 2021.
                         6. A GIAN Course entitled "A Technical Overview of Public and Private Blockchains" is organized
                               during Feb 7 to Feb 11 2022 with course instructors Prof. Ramki Thurimella, University of Denver, USA and Dr. Karthick Seshadri.

10.      Achievements

1. Ph.D. and M.S. (by research) supervisorship granted. Ref No 3040035, Anna University, Chennai

2. Best Research Poster Award at ACM KDD conference in Bangalore 2015, ACM

3. ICPC Coach Award, ACM

4. Certificate of accomplishment from Prof. Andrew N.G. for having completed and secured 100% in his online machine learning course , Prof. Andrew N.G.

5. Received a certificate of accomplishment from Prof Peter Norvig and Prof. Sebastian Thrun, for having secured 99.5% in their online Artificial Intelligence class, Prof. Peter Norvig and Prof. Sebastian Thrun (top 5% of the world wide class)

6. Sun Certified web component developer, Sun Microsystems

7. Recipient of the gold medal in NIT Trichy with a CGPA of 10 in M.Tech., NIT Trichy

8. Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Microsystems

9. IBM Certified DB2 Professional, IBM

10. Sun Certified Java Web Services developer, Sun Microsystems

11. Conferred with the Outstanding student award for the academic year 2008-2009 at NIT Trichy, NIT Trichy

12. Academic Proficiency Award and Medal for securing the first rank in M.Tech. (CS), NIT Trichy

13. Recipient of the Academic Proficiency Award for securing the first rank in B.E. (CSE) , Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

14. Qualified in GATE 2018 in Computer Science and Information Technology (CS) with a 98.42 percentile score.

15. Certificate for having secured an 'Excellent' grade in Machine Learning and IoT Gian course at IIT-Patna by Prof. Ramki Thurimella (University of Denver)

16. Secured a C2 (Expert band) in IELTS with an overall score of 8.5 out of 9 (L: 9, R: 8.5, S: 8.5, W: 7.5)

17. State Rank: 4 in the Computer Science and Engineering TRB Exam conducted by the Govt. of Tamilnadu

18. Qualified in UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) in Computer Science with an All India Rank 3

19. Qualified in Tamilnadu State Lecturer's Eligibility Test (TN SLET) in Computer Science

20. Secured Ex grade (Excellent) in the Design of Algorithms course offered by IIT-Kharagpur

21. Underwent a two-week research internship on Machine Learning in the Reconfigurable Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) lab at IIT-Madras under the guidance of Prof. B. Ravindran.

22. Deployed a private cloud in TCE Data Center using Openstack

23. Received an appreciation mail from Prof. Sebastian Thrun Stanford University for securing perfect scores in the assignments of his course on Artificial Intelligence through Coursera.

24. Cleared the Technology Analyst program at Morgan Stanley-Mumbai

25. Star of AXA award in TCS-Chennai

26. FileNet Certified Professional from IBM

27. Brainbench Certified in C, ASP, Java EJB, Javascript, Core Java, Networking, OOP, Problem Solving and Programming, RDBMS, SQL(ANSI), XML, XSL, VB, Internet Protocols

28. Certificate of Merit and medal by the then Hon'ble Minister for Education Dr. M. Thambi Durai for securing state first in Sanskrit HSC Exams.

29. Obtained a sanction order from SERB conferring the TARE fellowship (Approval No:  TAR/2018/000314).

30. Board of Studies member for the BoS held in Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Tamilnadu, Anna University on 1 Dec 2018.

31. Delivered the keynote talk as the chief guest in the Institution of Engineers, Madurai on the occasion of world telecommunication and information society day on the theme "Enabling the positive use of AI for all" on 17th May 2018.

32. Secured the Australian Discovery Project fellowship offered by the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia in 2018 (However, this fellowship was not utilized by me!).

11.      Memberships

1. Life Member in Computer Society of India.

2. Member ACM.

12.       Outreach Activities:

(i) Point of Contact in signing the following MoUs: Enixta R&D, Juniper Networks, Skylark Labs, US and LinkedIn R&D.

 AY 2019-2020:  

Institute/Organization Concerned



NIT Trichy

External Examiner B.Tech. Project Evaluation

16 June 2020

Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

Board of Studies Member


Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

Delivered a seminar on Distributed Computing.

22 June 2020

NIT Andhra Pradesh

Delivered a lecture on Knowledge Representation and inference through probabilistic graphical models


Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

Delivered a lecture on Anomaly Detection models.


NIT Andhra Pradesh

Delivered a lecture on Latent factor   models for Recommender Systems


NIT Andhra Pradesh

Delivered a lecture on RNN and CNN


KL University

Delivered a lecture on Statistical models for large scale graph analytics


 AY 2020-21:

Institute/Organization Concerned



NIT Trichy

External Examiner B.Tech. Project Evaluation

25 May 2021

Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

Board of Studies Member


G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur

Seminar on Randomized Algorithms


Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

Seminar on Transferrable skills for CS Students.


VIT Chennai

 Delivered a lecture in the National Workshop on Deep Neural Networks and its applications in text and image processing


NIT Trichy

Delivered a lecture on Bayesian Analytics in the Workshop on AI and ML Techniques for Data Analytics


G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur

Question setter for Advances in Algorithms Course


University of Hyderabad

Reviewer for Project Proposals, Seed Grants to Faculty.


IIIT Dharwad

Delivered a lecture on Bayesian Learning and Applications in the ATAL sponsored FDP on Applied Machine Learning and Data Science.


Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

Delivered a lecture on “Workload Characterization for Cloud” in the FDP on Research Challenges and Opportunities in Cloud and Service Computing.


IEEE Computer Society, Vizag

Delivered a talk on “Enabling positive use cases of AI to meet sustainable development goals”


Finance Express

Published an article to highlight the importance of acquiring transferrable skills.


Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Confidential Question paper Setting Committee.

June 2021

AY 2021-22:

(i) External Examiner for PG projects, University of Hyderabad, October, 2021.

(ii) DSC Member for Ph.D. scholars, VIT AP.

(iii) Delivered a lecture on "Human Resource Development in Technical Education" in APCOST, Vijayawada.

(iv) Delivered a lecture on Cloud Workload Characterization in TCE, Madurai, Aug 2021.

(v) Delivered a lecture on "Representation Learning for Graphs" in TCE Madurai, Oct 2021.

13.    Participation in Symposiums / Workshops / Conferences:

AY 2019-2020:

Name of the Event

Place & Sponsored by


 Symposium on Web of Science Certification Series


 Inflibnet, Clarivate


May 2020

 Online learning workshop for faculty



April 1 to April 3 2020

 Workshop on Educational Technologies



April 22 to April 24, 2020

 Workshop on Assessment and Evaluation for online learning.


May 6 to May 8 2020


AY 2020-21:

Name of the Event

Place & Sponsored by


Attended the Webinar Series on National Education Policy 2020

NIT Andhra Pradesh

September 2020

 Participated in the 13th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies.


 July 2021

 Participated in the online FDP on Training on NBA processes and on Evaluation Criteria on Outcome-based Education.

NIT Andhra Pradesh

19-23 January 2021

 Participated in the ECML PKDD International Conference 2021


 September 2021

14.        Administrative Responsibilities:

AY 2019-20

 (i) Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

 (ii) Coordinator, Web Development.

 (iii) Member, ACOFAR.

 (iv) Member, Strategic Planning Committee.

 (v) Member, Standard Operating Procedures Committee.

 (vi) Member, Convocation Committee.

 (vii) Coordinator Ph.D./MS (by research) selection committee in CSED.

 (viii) Coordinator Adhoc Faculty selection committee in CSED.

 (ix) Chairman Board of Studies for M.Tech. (Computer Science and Data Analytics) and M.Tech. (Computer Science and Information Security).

 (x) Lab-in-Charge of Artificial Intelligence Lab.

 (xi) Lab-in-Charge of High-Performance Computing Lab.

 (xii) Member, ERP Committee.

AY 2020-21:

 (i) Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

 (ii) Member, ACOFAR.

 (iii) Member, Convocation Committee.

 (iv) Convener Ph.D./MS (by research) selection committee in CSED.

 (v) Convener Adhoc Faculty selection committee in CSED.

 (vi) Chairman Board of Studies for designing the B.Tech. (CSE) curriculum.

 (vii) Lab-in-Charge of Artificial Intelligence Lab.

 (viii) Lab-in-Charge of High-Performance Computing Lab.

 (ix) Chairman, Software Procurement Committee.

 (x) Member, HPCC Committee.

15.      Misc

Some Lectures delivered in the past:



Latent Factor Models - Recommender SystemsThiagarajar College of Engineering
Bayesian AnalyticsHoneywell Technology Solutions, Madurai
Parallel Programming For Data AnalyticsCollege of Engineering, Adoor, Kerala
FDP on Parallel Program Development and ChallengesKLN College of Engg, Sivagangai
Activity Based Learning using moodleTCE, Madurai
Clustering high dimensional dataNational Institute of Technology, Trichy
Hadoop implementation and use cases sessionIBM R & D (through Video Conferencing)
ALU DesignFDP on Computer Architecture at Thiagarajar College of Engineering
Cloud computingThiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai