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M.TECH: NIT Rourkela


POSITION: Assistant Professor & HOD

PhD: NIT Rourkela

PHONE: +91 7077166843

AREAS OF INTEREST: Cooperative Communication in Wireless Networks; Physical Layer Security;

  1. Courses Taught

    PG Level:

    •          Wireless Communications
    •          Adaptive Signal Processing

    UG Level:

    •          Analog Communications
    •          Digital Communications
    •          Digital Signal Processing
    •          Optical Communications
    •          Switching theory and logic design
    •          Linear IC applications
    •          Wireless Communications

    2. Professional (Work) Experience

    •          Working as Assistant Professor in NIT Andhra Pradesh from July 19th, 2018 to till date.
    •          Worked as Assistant Professor in Anurag Engineering College, Kodad during Sep 2016-June-2018.
    •          Worked as Lecturer in Sasi Engineering College, Tadepalligudem during June 2007-May 2009.

    3. Selected Publications:



    [1] Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das,“Hybrid Decode-Amplify-Forward Relaying scheme in Distributed Alamouti coded Cooperative Network”, International Journal of Electronics (Taylor & Fransis), vol.102, no.5, pp: 725-741, 2014. DOI:10.1080/00207217.2014.938252.

    [2] Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das,“Maximized Channel Capacity based Power Allocation for Multi Relay Hybrid Decode-Amplify-Forward Cooperative Network’, Wireless Personnel Communication (Springer), vol.87, no.3, pp:663-678,2016. DOI: 10.1007/s11277-015-2622-9.

    [3] Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das,“Performance study of Hybrid Decode-Amplify-Forward relaying scheme for physical layer security in wireless cooperative network”, International Journal of Communication Systems (Wiley), vol.30, no.8, 2017, DOI:10.1002/dac.3182.

    [4] Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das, “Minimized SER and QoS based power allocation schemes for multi HDAF relay cooperative network”, Wireless Personnel Communication (Springer),vol.96, no.1, pp:779-798,2017.

    [5] Dk Rout, Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das, “Performance of amplify forward and decode forward cooperative strategies for body surface communications in UWB body area networks”International Journal of Communication Systems (Wiley), vol.29, no.5, pp. 916-928, 2016.


    Non SCI


    [1] Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das, “Impact of relay location on the performance of  multi relay cooperative communication”, International Journal of Computer Networks and Wireless Communications, vol.2, no.2, pp: 226-231, 2012.


    International CoNferences

    [1] Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das,“Maximized secrecy rate based power allocation for wireless cooperative network with control jamming “ in the 12th IEEE Malaysia International Conference on Communications (MICC 2015), Dec 2015.

    [2] Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das,“ Minimized SER based power allocation for multi relay HDAF cooperative network using Differential Evolution algorithm”, in the 11th IEEE annual India conference (IEEE INDICON 2014), Pune 2014.

    [3] Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das,“Study of channel capacity for hybrid decode amplify-forward (HDAF) scheme in distributed Alamouti coded cooperative network” in proceedings of IEEE international conference on Circuits, Controls and Communications (IEEE CCUBE), pp.1-5, Banglore, Dec 2013.DOI: 10.1109/CCUBE.2013.6718548.

    [4] Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das, “Performance study of hybrid decode-amplify-forward (HDAF) scheme in distributed Alamouti coded cooperative network”,in proceedings of IEEE international conference on advances in Computing Communications and Informatics (IEEE ICACCI), Aug 2013, pp.271-276, Mysore,2013.

    [5] Akil dutt,Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das, “Power allocation for AF cooperative relaying using particle swarm optimization”, in Proceedings of IEEE Green Computing Communication and Electrical Engineering (IEEE ICGCCEE), pp.1-4, 2014.

    [6] Divya Thatha, Kiran Kumar Gurrala, Susmita Das, "Performance analysis of hybrid decode- amplify-forward (HDAF) relaying for improving security in cooperative wireless network." IEEE Global Conference on Communication Technologies (IEEE GCCT),2015.


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