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ECEA is an association of faculty, staff and students of the department who actively involve in technical and cultural events that are conducted to enhance the personal and managerial attributes required for framing the student’s career. The association aims at projecting the multi-dimensional skills of the students which helps in knowledge improvement and exposure. ECEA provides the freedom and creates a platform to the students to learn the fundamentals of engineering education and apply them in the fields of Electronics and Communications. Events like technical talks, guest lectures, project exhibitions, workshops are organized periodically. In addition, the students can look for an opportunity in ECEA to exhibit their hidden talent in arts, science and cultural activities. Cultural events include visual art, JAM sessions, role play, etc.

ECEA is governed by an advisor, treasurer and representative from the faculty. The student body consists of a Secretary, 4 Joint Secretaries, and 4 Executive Members from each year. The events under ECEA are organized with the coordination of governing members and student body for the benefit of all the students in the department.


The following events are proposed under ECEA for this semester:

  1. Daily activities (Know yourself, biographies, personality development etc)
  2. Workshops (Cadence and IoT)
  3. Seminars/Technical talks (by students, faculty and invited guests)
  4. Industrial tour
  5. Career guidance (by IV ECE students)
  6. Vulcanzy 2K19
  7. 5I model (Intra Internship Initiative with Industry Interaction)

This year, ECEA has been inaugurated on November 1st, 2018 and the details of ECEA for the current academic year 2018-2019 are given as follows:

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kiran Kumar Gurrala,7077166843,


Dr. Chandu DS,9908023631,

Faculty Representative

Ms. P.Uma Sindhu,9440500112,


Muthyam Sravya (IV ECE), 9010942299,

Joint Secretary

  • Jagaralamudi Srilekha (III ECE), 9951540702,
  • A. Sumanth (III ECE), 9959415490,
  • B. Anusha (II ECE), 8008032476,
  • Ch. Chetan Reddy (II ECE), 9440552169,

Executive Members

  1. Y. Lenin (IV ECE) , 9505668376,
  2. Arshiya Anjum (IV ECE), 9492785600,
  3. Dhanraj Bhukya (IV ECE) , 8331844134,
  4. Himaja Prusty (III ECE), 7995983806,
  5. A. Raviteja (III ECE), 7731090134,
  6. J. Manjunadh Reddy (III ECE), 9494291402,
  7. D.Sree Vidya (III ECE), 8008465344,
  8. Karisma Panda (II ECE), 7656947854,
  9. M. Venkata Sai Aravind (II ECE), 9440705192,
  10. V. Sneha (II ECE), 8309322762,
  11. Bandaru Haritha (II ECE), 7730033590,
  12. P. Mouli Sai (I ECE), 7842655559,
  13. Hariom Singh (I ECE), 8299165446,
  14. K.Nikith (I ECE), 9381849442,
  15. Poorva Boni (I ECE), 7702154082 ,