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M.TECH: IIT Madras


POSITION: Adhoc Faculty

PhD: IIT Madras and NTHU Taiwan

PHONE: +91 7397497933

AREAS OF INTEREST: Computational and experimental thermodynamics, First principle calculations, Calphad, Thermodynamic assessment, High-entropy alloys, X ray diffraction, and Electron microscopy.


Courses taught

  1. X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy
  2. Transport Phenomena


  1. K. Guruvidyathri, B.S. Murty, J.W. Yeh, and K.C. Hari Kumar, “Gibbs Energy-Composition Plots as a Tool for High-Entropy Alloy Design”, J. Alloys Compd., 768 (2018) 358-367.
  2. K. Guruvidyathri, K.C. Hari Kumar, J.W. Yeh, and B.S. Murty, “Topologically Close-packed Phase formation in High Entropy Alloys: A Review of Calphad and Experimental Results”, JOM, 69 (2017) 2113-2124.
  3. M. Vaidya, K. Guruvidyathri and B.S. Murty, “Phase formation and thermal stability of CoCrFeNi and CoCrFeMnNi equiatomic high entropy alloys”, J. Alloys Compd., 774 (2019) 856-864.
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Conference presentations:

  1. K. Guruvidyathri, S. Sridar, B.S. Murty, J.W. Yeh, and K.C. Hari Kumar, “Thermodynamic Assessment of Co-Cr-Mn System for Improved Calphad Prediction of σ-Phase in High Entropy Alloys”, Intermetallics 2017, Bad Staffelstein, Germany
  2. K. Guruvidyathri, K.C. Hari Kumar, J.W. Yeh and B.S. Murty, “Phase Prediction and Validation Studies in AlCoCrMnNi Multiprincipal Element Alloy”, International Conference on High Entropy Materials, 2016, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  3. K. Guruvidyathri, R. Kirana, M. Vaidya, K.C. Hari Kumar and B.S. Murty, “Phase Prediction Studies in AlCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy”, International Conference on Metals and Materials Research, 2016, Bangaluru, India
  4. K. Guruvidyathri, B.S. Murty and K.C. Hari Kumar, “Stability of Solidified Microstructure in Co-Cr-Fe-Ni Alloy”, 6th International Conference on Solidification Science and Processing, 2015, Hyderabad, India
  5. K. Guruvidyathri, B.S. Murty, J.W. Yeh, and K.C. Hari Kumar, “Binary G-x plots as an Aid in Designing High-Entropy Alloys”, In-House Symposium, 2018, IIT Madras. (Awarded best presentation in the Modelling theme).
  6. K. Guruvidyathri, B.S. Murty, J.W. Yeh, and K.C. Hari Kumar, “Calphad and Experimental Studies on AlCoCrMnNi and CoCrCuMnNi High Entropy Alloys”, In-House Symposium, 2017, IIT Madras.
  7. K. Guruvidyathri, B.S. Murty and K.C. Hari Kumar, “Phase prediction in multi-principal element systems through CALPHAD Method: A case study on Co-Cr-Fe-Ni System”, National Workshop on High Entropy Alloys, 2015, Chennai.
  8. K. Guruvidyathri, S.S.S. Sathwika, B.S. Murty and K.C. Hari Kumar “Phase prediction studies on Co-Cr-Cu-Mn-Ni multi-principle element alloy”, In-House Symposium, 2015, IIT Madras.
  9. K.S.N. Satish Idury, K. Guruvidyathri, Kaivalya Deo, B.S. Murty, and Jatin Bhatt, “On high entropy bulk metallic glass formation in Zr-Ti-Cu-Ni-Al system based on binary eutectic cluster model and CALPHAD”, NMD ATM 2016, IIT Kanpur. (Awarded second best presentation in the Integrated Computational Materials Engineering theme).

Industry Experience:

  1. Manager, Research and Development department, Tube Investments of India Ltd, Chennai, India. (July 2011-July 2013)
    • Process optimization for stainless steel plant. Got Rs. 50000 cash award for the contribution in 2012.
    • Established inter-granular corrosion facility.
    • Metallurgical failure analysis.
  2. Deputy Manager, Research and Development department, Essar Steels Ltd, Surat, India. (July 2010-July 2011)
    • Established a pilot level sinter plant for blast furnace burden research. Sinter microstructure was awarded the second best entry in metallography contest, NMD-ATM 2010
  3. Graduate Engineer Trainee, Production department, TVS – Brakes India Foundry Ltd, Sholinghur, India (May 2007-Jan 2008)