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  1. Dr. J Krishnamurty's paper entitled "Partially-disordered to frozen-state crossover induced magnetocaloric properties of the antiferromagnetic one-dimensional spin-chain Sr3CoIrO6" has been published in Material Research Express (IOP Publisher)

  2. Dr. J Krishnamurty's paper entitled "Observation of oscillation like magnetocaloric effect in multiferroic Ni0. 95Zn0. 5Cr2O4" has been published in Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Impact Factor=3.57)

  3. Dr. J Krishnamurty's paper entitled "Anomalous freezing of dielectric polarons near magnetic ordering in multiferroic La0.5Bi0.5FeO3" has been published in Ceramics International (Impact Factor=3.05)

  4. Dr. Tapas Paramanik's paper entitled "Huge magnetoresistance and ultrasharp metamagnetic transition in polycrystalline Sm0.5Ca0.25Sr0.25MnO3” has been published in NPG Asia Materials (Nature Publishing Group, Impact factor: 9.157)