1. Mukul Kumar Patel (4th year, ME) and Kiran Kumar (4th year, ECE) have scored 97.6 and 97.9 percentile in the CAT examination.

  2. Dr. J Krishnamurty's paper entitled "Observation of oscillation like magnetocaloric effect in multiferroic Ni0. 95Zn0. 5Cr2O4" has been published in Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Impact Factor=3.57)

  3. Dr. J Krishnamurty's paper entitled "Anomalous freezing of dielectric polarons near magnetic ordering in multiferroic La0.5Bi0.5FeO3" has been published in Ceramics International (Impact Factor=3.05)

  4. Dr. Vinoth Kumar Raja of Chemical Engineering department has a received a project grant from the SERB

  5. Dr. Tejavathu Ramesh of EEE department has received a project from the SERB

  6. Dr. Rajeswar Reddy of Biotechnology department received Young Scientist Award-2018-19 by AP AKADEMI OF SCIENCES ANDHRA PRADESH in the Engineering Sciences stream

  7. Dr. Tapas Paramanik's paper entitled "Huge magnetoresistance and ultrasharp metamagnetic transition in polycrystalline Sm0.5Ca0.25Sr0.25MnO3” has been published in NPG Asia Materials (Nature Publishing Group, Impact factor: 9.157)

  8. Dr. Raffi Mohammed recieved I.T. Mirchandani Memorial Research Award 2018 and Venus Wires Award 2018 by The Indian Institute of Welding at National Welding Seminar 2018, Kochi.

  9. Dr. Raffi Mohammed elected as Vice Chairman of The Indian Institute of Metals - Visakhapatnam Chapter.

  10. MME 3rd B.Tech Student Karthik R Secured Third Prize in Poster Presentation.