** Badda-Dor_Version_2.0 **

Badda-dor, the root which has started the technical swag in NIT Andhra when almost nothing was happening in 2016. Badda-dor_V_1.0 was a huge hit. It became popular that institute has decided to fund the event. Badda-dor is always more of a family more than an event. Every time, Badda-Dor is pre-planned months before, the strategy is designed and worked out.

Version_2.0 came up with more power and raised standards. A team of 5 was allowed to register. We got a total of 90+ team registrations. A logic, technical and application based test was conducted for the first year teams and a direct physical interview was conducted for the second year student teams for the scrutiny process. 52 teams were finalized based on the performance and they were provided with the components. The components were of high standard. A two day workshop was taken, the connections and several aspects were explained. Ample time of 15 days was given before the actual event day. An inspection week was also provided where we solved the problems arised if any.

Finally, on 11th February, the race was conducted in two phases. Few cars were really impressive in the first round. Rishab and team of second year was real fast and made it in 1min 44seconds in style to the final round. In the final round Bhavani singh and team of first years picked up their pace in final round and completed in 1min 43 seconds. Anjani, Anusha, Paavana, Niharika was the only girl team to make it to the final round this time and they completed in 5 min 32seconds. Some participant have faced unexpected problems just before the round and couldn’t make it to the final round. The problems were really unexpected like slipping of gears inside the motor driver, connection issues etc

The ideas and the design of few cars this time were really exceptional and out of the box. Few people used Arduino modules and coded in their own style. The top 2 cars were so good that they were able to run at 20kmph. Badda_dor is more of a learning process and understanding the practical problems faced when it comes to the reality. The participants were happy though few couldn't make it to the track as they had this satisfaction of working on something and gaining the experience. The spirit of few teams like UDAY and team, Yogendra Krishna and team and few other teams was really high that they really want to do something. It was real inspiration even for the organizers and other participants.

Thanking everyone for the support and love!