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                                                                      SC / ST CELL

SC/ST cell has been constituted in the National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh as per the instructions of Government of India, Ministry of Personal, Public Grievances and Pension (Department of Personal and Training) vide office memorandum No. 43011/153/2010-Estt. (Res) dated 4th January, 2013.

Functions of SC/ST Cell

Responsibilities of SC/ST Cell

The SC ST Cell of NIT Andhra Pradesh provides an opportunity to the final year students to undertake free coaching classes for GATE (2019) on Saturday/Sunday/Evening in week days. Interested students are invited to register through the following registration link by 12/10/2018.

Professor In-charge, SC/ST Cell

Coordinatior, SC/ST Cell


Dr. Vinoth Kumar Raja
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
National Institute of Technology
Andhra Pradesh,India
Mobile: 9442044040