** VULCANZY 2K17 **

Prof T.Ramesh

Prof P.Nageswara Rao

Dr Y.Sarala

VULCANZY’17, the first cultural and technical festival of NIT-Andhra Pradesh, received an overwhelming response in all its cultural and technical events and was magnificent success.

The inaugural session started at 5:30 pm on 23/03/2017 with a brief introduction about the Techfest by student representatives of all the departments and the Faculty Coordinator Dr. Y.Sarala. Prof. G.R.C Reddy, Mentor Director of NIT Andhra Pradesh, Prof.Y.N.Reddy, Mentor Registrar of NIT-AP, Prof.T.Ramesh, Coordinator of NIT-AP and Prof. P.Nageshwara Rao, HoD, S & H Department along with Y.Venkat Nikhil of II B.Tech, Student Coordinator of VULCANZY’17 graced the occasion.

A variety of general and technical events like Quizbee, Techville, Project X, Game of Codes, Ascending Lollies, Electro-Innerve, Agnotera, Waitan, 3D Modelling, Technica, Riddle Hurdles, Q-fiesta, Poster Presentation, Oral Presentation, U know Arduino were organized at various venues in the campus by all the Departments of Engineering and Department of Science & Humanities. There were more than 500 registrations for around 45 events of which some are mentioned above. Cultural events like singing, dancing, fashion shows, music, skits and mime were conducted in the evening hours on Friday and Saturday.

The Department of Biotechnology and Department of Mechanical Engineering jointly organized the Invitational Talk of “Mr. Nalin Singh-Life Coach, Business Strategy consultant” on the second day between 2-4 pm in PG Block, SVEC. The talk was meant to inspire and motivate the young minds for taking the challenges in their career, start-ups and student life. This three day cultural and technical festival ended on a grand note with a short speech of Professor T.Ramesh, Coordinator of NIT-AP, on the integrated approach of all faculty members, students, non-teaching that made this event a success. He also stressed upon the major contribution of Management of Sri Vasavi Engineering College in providing all the required amenities and thanked each and every individual for making this first festival VULCANZY’17 a grand success.