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M.TECH: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


POSITION: Assistant Professor

PhD: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

PHONE: +91 0000000000

AREAS OF INTEREST: Geotechnical Engineering; Environmental Geotechnology; Advanced Geomaterial Characterization; Sustainable geomaterials; Climate change and its impact on Geomaterials; Desiccation cracking in soils; Thermal properties of geomaterials; Solid waste management; Landfills; Soil-contaminant interaction; Ground improvement; Soil remediation;


Work Experience:

1. Worked as Ad-hoc faculty in Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh, from January 2017 to May 2018 and July 2019 to October 2019

2. Working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh from October 2019-Till date.


UG courses

  1. Engineering Mechanics
  2. Civil Engineering Materials
  3. Geotechnical Engineering-1
  4. Geotechnical Engineering-2
  5. Environmental Geotechnics
  6. Building Technology
  7. Ground Improvement Techniques

UG Laboratories:

  1. Geotechnical Engineering
  2. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

PG courses

  1. Environmental Geotechnics
  2. Landfill Engineering

List of Publications:

International Journals:

  1. Ram Wanare, Prathyusha Jayanthi, Kannan K.R. Iyer, (2022). "A study on cracking behavior of marine soil modified with ultrafine slag under cured and uncured conditions",
    Materials Today: Proceedings.
  2. Paleologos, E.K., O’Kelly, B.C., Tang, C.S…..Jayanthi, P.,… et al. “Post Covid-19 Water and Waste Water Management to Protect Public Health and Geoenvironment”. Environmental Geotechnics,
  3.  Wanare, R., Shetty, R., Jayanthi, P., Singh, D.N. and Iyer, K.K.R. (2021)." Investigations to Quantify Suction Characteristics of Marine Soil During Drying-and Wetting-cycles", Geotechnical Testing Journal, ASTM,44(1).
  4.   Jayanthi, P.N.V., Kuntikana, G. and Singh, D.N. (2017) "Stabilisation of Fine-Grained Soils Against Desiccation Cracking Using Sustainable Materials", Advances in Civil Engineering Materials, ASTM, 6(1), pp. 36-67.
  5.  Jayanthi, P.N.V. and Singh, D.N. (2016) "Utilisation of Sustainable Materials for Soil Stabilization: State-of-the-Art", Advances in Civil Engineering Materials, ASTM, 5(1), pp. 46-79.
  6.    Susha Lekshmi, S.U., Jayanthi, P.N.V., Aravind, P., Singh, D.N. and Maryam Shojaei Baghini. (2016) "A Critical Analysis of the Performance of Plate- and Point-electrodes for Determination of Electrical Properties of the Soil Mass", Measurement, 93, pp. 552-562.
  7.   Uday, K.V., Jayanthi, P.N.V., Singh, D.N. and Apte, P.R. (2015) "Application of Taguchi Method in Establishing Criticality of Parameters that Influence Cracking Characteristics of Fine-grained Soils", Drying Technology, 33(9), pp. 1138-1149.
  8.   Uday, K.V., Jayanthi, P.N.V. and Singh, D.N. (2014) " A Generalized Relationship for Determination of Tensile Strength of Fine-grained Soils From Shrinkage Characteristics", Drying Technology, 32, pp. 869-876.


1. Wanare,R., Jayanthi, P.N.V. and Iyer, K.K.R. “Recent Advances in Early Warning Systems for Landslide Forecasting”, VCDRR 2021, Suratkal, India, March 2021.

2. Prathyusha, J., Uday V.K. and Singh, D.N. " Determination of Cracking Characteristics of Soils for Various Geotechnical Engineering Problems", TC 207 Workshop, ISSMGE, France, 2013.

Research Supervision:



G.A.Prudhvi Raj Soil Structure Interaction and Theoretical Study on Nuclear Waste Repository2019-20

K.Pavan Kumar 
P.Sushma Sai 

A. Keerthana Soil Sensors- Desiccation Cracking2019-20

K.Sai Teja 
K. Pranitha 
M. Pavan Sai 
S. Mrudula 
3Geetha MadhuriModeling of heat induced moisture migration in soilsOngoing
Narsimha Chary 
Nasa Rao 


1Harish Kumar KamsalaSoil-contaminant interactionOngoing
2Mahender ReddySustainable materials as Landfill linersOngoing
3Nadikuda BharathThermal properties of soilsOngoing
4Ch Surya PrakashSensors for Desiccation cracking in soilsOngoing


1Abhijeet SahaniSoil-Leachate InteractionRegularOngoing
2Bandipally SandeepStabilization of desiccation cracking phenomenonPart-timeOngoing

Faculty Development Programmes Organized:

1. Organized a 5 day FDP on "Advances in Environmental Geotechnics" during 12th-16th October, 2020.

Positions of Responsibility:

  1. Associate Dean-Planning and Development for Civil Affairs, National institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh from January 1st 2022-Till date. 
  2. Working as Department Placement coordinator from the academic year 2020-21-Till date
  3.  Worked for budget estimate of Detailed Project Report for construction of permanent campus of National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh
  4.  Member-Strategic Planning Committee of NIT Andhra Pradesh from the academic year 2020-21-Till date
  5.  Participated in committee constituted for National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh buildings construction
  6. Warden for girls’ hostel of National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh for the semester in the academic year 2017-18

Outreach Activities:

  1. Presented a guest lecture on ‘Sustainable Materials’ for the STTP organized by L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India during March,2021.
  2. Delivered a guest lecture on "Challenges in Geotechnical Engineering-Environmental Geotechnics" for the FDP organized by Gudlavalleru Engineering College, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India, during June 2021.

International Exposure:

Carried out research on determination of osmotic suction of saline/marine soils by using tensiometer, dewpoint potentiameter and filter paper techniques under the supervision of Prof.Alessandro Tarantino from Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland as a part of GREAT ‘Geotechnical and geological Responses to climate change: Exchanging Approaches and Technologies on a world-wide scale’ for a period of 63days.