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Ms Priyamol P

NAME: Ms Priyamol P

MS: MA English, School of Letters, MG University, M Ph


POSITION: Adhoc Faculty

PhD: Ongoing, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit

PHONE: +91 9895881924

AREAS OF INTEREST: Postcolonial Studies; Gender Studies; Cultural Studies, ELT





  •          Co-edited book RHAPSODY published by the Department of English, SSUS, Kalady
  •          Member of the Editorial Board of the previously CARE listed journal English Activities Update published by Centre for Faculty Resource Development in English. (ISBN:  09763643)
  •          Member of the Editorial Board, Seminar Proceedings on Multiculturalism conducted by the Department of English, SSUS, Kalady.
  •          Member of the Editorial Board,Literature and the Environment, Seminar Proceedings conducted by the Department of English, SSUS, Kalady.
  •          Published a paper titled Silent Spring and Beyond: A Reading of Rachel Carson's book with reference to Literary Studies in Literature and the Environment (ISSN: 9788195431908)
  •          Published a paper titled Cyber Feminism: Prospects and Challenges in Multiculturalism in/and Literature (ISSN:9788195271115)
  •          Published a paper titled Captivity and Resistance: A Reading of Nadia Murad's The Last Girl in Rhapsody: An Anthology of Critical Readings (ISSN: 9788195271191).
  •          Seeking the Orient: A Postcolonial Reading of T S Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ in The Investigator. (ISSN: 2454 3314)


Paper Presentations


  •          Presented a paper entitledUNDOING GREATNESS: THE GREAT INDIAN KITCHEN AS A POLITICAL STATEMENT” at the National Webinar conducted by De Paul Institute of Science and Technology on the topic Literature and Cinema:  Novel Nuances.
  •          Presented a paper entitled CULTURE AS CONSTRUCT: WOMEN IN CYBER SPACES in the National Seminar on Multiculturalism conducted by the Department of English, SSUS, Kalady.
  •          Presented a paper entitled “THE POLITICS OF REPRESENTATION : A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF SARAH JOSEPH’S AALAHAYUDE PENMAKKAL AND N.S MADHAVAN’S LANTHANBETHERIYILE LUTHINIYAKAL IN THE LIGHT OF POSTCOLONIAL FEMINIST THEORY” in a National Seminar on Comparative Literature: Problems and Prospects conducted by Department of English, Annamalai University.
  •          Delivered a LECTURE ON NEW CRITICISM as part of Prof. D Vinayachandran Commemoration Lecture Series at School of Letters, MG University.