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( An autonomous Institute under the aegis of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India )

NIT Andhra Pradesh DSIR - Common Research & Technology Development Hub (CRTDH)

(Sponsored by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India)

Entrepreneuring the Research and Technology Development in sector of Electronic and Renewable Energy

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NIT Andhra Pradesh DSIR-CRTDH welcomes collaborations with Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in the sector of Electronic and Renewable Energy. Interested MSEs may register with required details at below link.

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The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), one of the departments under Ministry of Science and Technology *(MoST) has launched the Scheme 'Building Industrial Research & Development and Common Research Facilities (BIRD-crf)’ in 12th Plan. The BIRD-crf supports creation of Common Research and Technology Development Hubs (CRTDH) with the objective to enhance productivity and competitiveness of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) by providing assistance to them in technological problem-solving and capacity building.

DSIR has approved setting up of CRTDH in the sector of Electronic and Renewable Energy at National Institute of Technology, Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh (NIT-AP). The objectives of the hub are to undertake research of both fundamental and applied nature and enhance the capabilities of MSMEs in the sector of electronics and renewable energy so as to meet the industrial requirements for efficient power converter technologies, cost-effective power generation, improving reliability in the renewable energy system by applying IoT, edge computing technologies etc. and to disseminate first-hand research information to MSE's for product innovation.

The specific areas of the NIT AP DSIR-CRTDH are

  • Designing and development of intelligent micro-grid using renewable energy systems; and battery management systems
  • Testing/Analyzing/charactering the renewable energy system/components
  • Design for reliability in meeting industry demands and development of power converter topologies for renewable applications.
  • Development and deployment of intelligent smart control systems in meeting demands of respective interest of renewable based MSE’s.

Expected outcomes

  • To deliver first hand R & D technological solutions to the MSEs’ in Renewable Energy sector including testing services
  • Development of data driven simulation and design tools for assessment of renewable resource potential, cost assessment, operation-maintenance planning and risk assessment through testing and characterising of renewable resources.
  • Design and development solutions to the decentralised power generation and to increase the penetration of renewable energies to the grid.
  • Development of optimal sizing and power control strategies for hybrid renewable systems consisting of photovoltaic, wind, hydro, fuel cells including battery management.
  • Analysing the power converters efficiency and reliability by developing loss models and mission profile parameters taken at MSE’s location towards selection of suitable power converters in renewable systems.
  • Supporting MSEs in technological solutions towards Power quality enhancement in off-grid and on-grid renewable energy systems.
  • Skill development of manpower of MSEs through training and capacity building programmes
  • Incubate Startups in the area of Renewable Energy at CRTDH.

A Management Committee (MC) has been constituted with the approval of Secretary, DSIR to undertake the day-to-day operations of CRTDH headed by the Director, NIT Andhra Pradesh comprising of members of eminence from Industry/Research/ Academia related to Electronics and Renewable Energy sector.

A Project Guidance cum Review Committee (PGRC) has been constituted with the approval of competent authority to periodically review the technical and financial progress of the project and recommend release of grants, continuity /extension/short-closure etc.

For more details, please do contact:

Head of the Institute:

Prof. Pramod M. Padole

Director (In-Charge), NIT Andhra Pradesh

Email: director@nitandhra.ac.in

Project Managers:

Dr. V. Sandeep & Dr. Sankar Peddapati

DSIR – CRTDH, NIT Andhra Pradesh

Email: sandeep@nitandhra.ac.in, sankarp@nitandhra.ac.in

Contact no: 8861290060, 8897983939