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M.TECH: Andhra University


POSITION: Assistant Professor

PHD: NIT Warangal

PHONE: +91 8330967036

AREAS OF INTEREST: Machine Learning, Soft Computing, Big Data Analytics, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Data Mining


  1. Courses Taught

    1. PG

      1. Soft Computing

    2. UG

      1. Data Mining and Applications

      2. Essentials of Big Data Analytics

      3. Object Oriented Programming through Java

      4. Automata and Compiler Design

      5. Theory of Computation
      6. Pattern Recognition
      7. Language Processors
      8. Parallel Processing

  1. Professional Experience

    1. Academic Experience

      1. Worked as Associate Professor, GRIET Hyderabad.

      2. Worked as Associate Professor, KLU Guntur.

      3. Worked as Assistant Professor, SSIT Hyderabad.

    2. Industry Experience

      1. Worked as Member Technical, D.E. Shaw India Software Private Ltd, Hyderabad.

      2. Did Internship, D.E. Shaw India Software Private Ltd, Hyderabad.

  1. Select Publications

    1. Journals

      1. S. Chebrolu and S.G. Sanjeevi [2015]. “Forward tentative selection with backward propagation of selection decision algorithm for attribute reduction in rough set theory”, International Journal of Reasoning based Intelligent Systems, Inderscience, Vol 7, No. 3/4, pp 221-243.

      2. S. Chebrolu and S.G. Sanjeevi [2016]. “Attribute Reduction on Real-Valued Data in Rough Set Theory Using Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony-Extended FTSBPSD Algorithm”, Soft Computing, Springer 21(24), 7543-7569.            

    2. Conferences

      1. S. Chebrolu and S.G. Sanjeevi [2011]. “Attribute Reduction in Decision-Theoretic Rough Set Model using Genetic Algorithm”, Second International Conference on Swarm Evolutionary and Memetic Computing (SEMCCO), DEC-2011, B.K.Panigrahi et al. (Eds.): LNCS 7076, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 307-314.

      2. S. Chebrolu and S.G. Sanjeevi [2015]. “Attribute Reduction in Decision-Theoretic Rough Set Model using Particle Swarm Algorithm with the threshold parameters determined using LMS training rule”, Third International Conference on Recent Trends in Computing (ICRTC) 12 - 13 March-2015, Volume 57, Elsevier Procedia Computer Science Journal, pp. 527-536.

      3. S. Chebrolu and S.G. Sanjeevi [2015]. “Attribute Reduction on Continuous Data in Rough Set Theory using Ant Colony Optimization Metaheuristic”, ACM Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Women in Computing and Informatics (WCI-2015) 10 - 13 August 2015, pp. 17-24.

  1. Achievements

    1. Received TCS Research Fellowship under Research Scholar Program while pursuing Ph.D.

    2. Received MHRD-UGC Fellowship while pursuing M.Tech.

    3. Ratified as Assistant Professor, JNTU Hyderabad.

    4. Conducted One week FDP on "Soft Computing Techniques for Analysis of Large Scale Data Sets", sponsored by E&ICT Academy, NIT Warangal.

  1. Misc

  1. Reviewer of International Journal of Geographical Information Science, Taylor and Francis Group.

  2. Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft.

  3. Lectures delivered on Machine Learning algorithms at AICTE Sponsored FDP "Emerging Trends  in Machine Learning for Biomedical Applications", Narasaraopet College of Engineering.