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S.No REG NO NAME Conference Name Month & Year Title of the paper Venue
1 411529

Jaya shankar reddy kommuru
K Karthikeya Yadav
RACEE (Recent Advancements in Communication and Electronics Engineering) 201601/10/2016 Performance comparison of PSO algorithms for mobile robot path planning in complex environments NIT Warangal
2 411569
Tegala Sravani
Kusam Bhavitha
ICSCAN 201801/07/2018 Energy efficient channel accessing protocol for wireless sensor networks MVIT Villupuram, PONDICHERRY
3 411559 Phani Teja Sri Mandalapu ICSCAN 201801/07/2018 Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme Using Backup Nodes In Wsns MVIT Villupuram, PONDICHERRY
4 411577 Nandini ICSCAN 201801/07/2018 Enhanced Energy Efficient Routing Protocol(EEERP) for lifespan optimisation in WSNs MVIT Villupuram, PONDICHERRY
5 411537

Nidhi Kurikyala

Malegere Sandhya
International Conference on Recent Trends in Advanced Computing-Cyber Physical Systems (ICRTAC-CPS 2018)01/09/2018 Reliable Flooding in Location Aided Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks VIT Chennai
6 411572

Tumuluri Ramya
Kovi Anusha
International Conference on Recent Trends in Advanced Computing-Cyber Physical Systems (ICRTAC-CPS 2018)01/09/2018 An Energy-Efficient Algorithm Using Layer Heads For Software-Defined Wireless Sensor Networks VIT Chennai
7 411565

Satya Vijaya Vagdevi Gaddamanugu
Keerthi reddy
IAC3T 201801/09/2018 Leer: Energy Efficient Routing Protocol For Low Energy Nodes In Wireless Sensor Networks University of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
8 411529 Jaya shankar reddy kommuru 2nd International Conference on micro electronics and telecommunication engineering01/09/2018 A novel approach to balance the trade-off between security and energy consumption in WSN. SRM University,Ghaziabad
9 411541 M Bhargav International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Sustainable Systems (ICICSS)01/09/2018 Enhanced Cybergrenade : An automated approach for detecting and avoiding cyber attacks in computer networks. Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore.
11 411530 K Karthikeya Yadav 2ND International Conference on Micro-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2ND IEEE ICMETE-2018)01/09/2018 A Novel Approach to Balance the Trade-Off between Security and Energy Consumption in WSN SRM University Delhi NCR Campus Ghaziabad, U.P India
12 411542 M.S.N.K.Akhil ICICSS01/09/2018 Enhanced CyberGrenade: An automated approach of detecting and avoiding cyber attacks in computer networks Akshaya college of engineering and technology, Coimbatore
13 411552

Nagisetty Rachana
Kandi Sreeja
I2CT,accepted by AJCT01/10/2018 Enhanced T-AODV routing protocol in wireless networks Bangalore
14 411556
P Vineetha
B Deena Narayan
International Conference on innovations in computer science and engineering (Springer)01/08/2018 Enhanced trust based cluster head selection in wireless sensor networks Guru Nanak institute of technology, Hyderabad
15 411566

Geethika Siripurapu
Sai Sree
ICERECT01/08/2018 A reliable routing protocol with backup scheme in wired computer networks PES engineering college , Mandya, Karnataka

Internships updated soon.

1 411665 Rishab Sinha
  1. 2nd prize in Arduino Project Expo
  2. 1st Runner up in Bombay Stock Exchange International Financial Olympiad
  3. 1st prize in National Science Olympiad
  4. 1st prize in NSTSE
  5. 3rd Prize in inter school Social Science Exhibition
2 411660 Premchandar Reddy Best shortfilm (Vulcanzy-2k17)
3 411629 J guru pavani 1st prize in vizir (VULCANZY 2017)
4 411677 U.Swapnasree
  1. 1st prize in vizir (VULCANZY 2017)
  2. 4th in essay writing(2016)
5 411659 Penta Sumanth Agnotera(vulcanzy 2017) 2nd prize
6 411661 Puchakayala Shanmukhi A Research Paper in image processing domain is sent for conference(2018).
  1. 1st prize in Programmers Date ( VULCANZY 2018).
  2. 2nd Prize in Poster Presentation (VULCANZY 2017).
  3. District Topper in Inter 1st year(District 1st rank and State 3rd rank)-(2015)
  4. State topper in 10th Standard (10/10 points)-(2014)
  5. 1st Prize in Essay Writing organized by SRCM & UNIC.
  6. All India 958 rank in FITJEE (2012).
  7. All India 257 rank in International English Olympiad (2011).
7 411633 Karuturi Ramya Sri
  1. Bagged a gold medal in athletics (2016, 2017)
  2. Achieved Individual Championship in sports (2016)
8 411771 Subham
  1. 1st prize in Elocution
  2. 1st in Debate (national Vigilance week, L&D club NITAP)
  3. 1st in spark wire
  4. 3rd in Robo Soccer (vulcanzy 2018)
9 411718 Gaurav
  1. 1st prize in Poetry
  2. 1st in Debate (national Vigilance week, L&D club NITAP)
  3. 1st prize in NOVATURE (AURDINO PROJECT)
  4. Gold Medal in YOGA
  5. Bronze medal in 4X100 relay race
10 411702 Amar
  1. 1st prize in NOVATURE (AURDINO PROJECT) Vulcanzy 2018
11 411706 Baskar
  1. 1st prize in Photo Description event
  2. 2nd prize in “Elephant can remember”
  3. 2nd Message Event (vulcanzy 2018)
12 411772 Sukhdev Singh
  1. 1st prize in Spark Wire
  2. 3rd prize in Robo-Soccer
  3. 3rd anthyakshari (vulcanzy 2018)
13 411782 Yogesh Birla
  1. Gold medal in yoga
14 411756 P. Yuvaneeth
  1. 1st prize in International English Olympiad (2015)
  2. 1st prize in Extempore, and Essay Writing (state level)
15 411726 J. Shiva charan Naik
  1. 2 certificates out of 3
16 411742 Md. Sameerbaig
  1. 1st prize in Quiz
  2. 1st prize in Project (vulcanzy 2018)

Faculty achievements updated soon.