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No. Names of Authors TItle of the Paper Journal/Volume/Year/Pages DOI/Impact Factor/Indexing
01 R. Vinoth Kumar, Ashim Kumar Basumatary, G. Pugazhenthi Fabrication of industrially feasible zeolite membrane for the removal of hexavalent chromium Environment and Sustainable Development,2022 DOI: 10.1504/IJESD.2022.10047194
02 C.S. Shivamthi, S. Gunaseelan, M.R. Soosai, N.S. Vignesh, P. Varalakshmi, R.S. Kumar, S. Karthikumar, R. Vinoth Kumar, R. Baskar, S.P. Rigby, A. Syedf, A.M. Elgorban, I.G. Moorthy Process optimization and characterization of pectin derived from underexploited pineapple peel biowaste as a value-added product Food Hydrocolloids (123), 2022, 107141 DOI: 10.1016/j.foodhyd.2021.107141
Impact Factor: 9.147 SCI & SCOPUS
03 M.A. Sundaramahalingam, S. Karthikumar, R.S. Kumar, K.J. Samuel, S.Shajahan,V. Sivasubramanian, P. Sivashanmugam, P. Varalakshmi, A. Syed, N Marraiki, A.M. Elgorban, R. Vinoth Kumar*, I.G. Moorthy An intensified approach for transesterification of biodiesel from Annona squamosa seed oil using ultrasound-assisted homogeneous catalysis reaction and its process optimization Fuel (291) 2021, 120195 DOI: 10.1016/j.fuel.2021.120195
Impact Factor: 6.609 SCI & SCOPUS
04 R. Vinoth Kumar, M.O. Barbosa, A.R. Ribeiro, S.M. Torres, M.F.R. Pereira, A.M.T. Silva Advanced oxidation technologies combined with direct contact membrane distillation for treatment of secondary municipal wastewater Process Safety and Environmental Protection 140 (2020) 111-123 DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2020.03.008
Impact Factor: 6.158 SCI & SCOPUS Indexed
05 M.R. Soosai, M.A. Sundaramahalingam, C.S. Shivamthi, R.S. Kumar, P. Varalakshmi, S. Karthikumar, J. Kanimozhi, R. Vinoth Kumar, S. Shanmugam, I.G. Moorthy, A. Pugazhendhi Insights about sustainable biodiesel production from Microalgae biomass: a review International Journal of Energy Research In Press (2020) DOI: 10.1002/er.6138
Impact Factor: 5.164 SCI & SCOPUS Indexed
06 C.S. Shivamathi, I.G. Moorthy, R. Vinoth Kumar, M.R. Soosai, J.P. Maran, R.S. Kumar, P Varalakshmi Optimization of ultrasound assisted extraction of pectin from custard apple peel: potential and new source Carbohydrate Polymers 225 (2019) 115240 (1–11) DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2019.115240
Impact Factor: 9.381 SCI & SCOPUS Indexed
07 L. Goswami, R. Vinoth Kumar, K. Pakshirajan, G. Pugazhenthi A novel integrated biodegradation-microfiltration system for sustainable wastewater treatment and energy recovery Journal of Hazardous Materials 365 (2019) 707–715 DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2018.11.029
Impact Factor: 10.588 SCI & SCOPUS Indexed
08 R. Selvaraj, I.G. Moorthy, R. Vinoth Kumar, V. Sivasubramanian Microwave mediated production of FAME from waste cooking oil: Modelling and optimization of process parameters by RSM and ANN approach Fuel 237 (2019) 40–49 DOI: 10.1016/j.fuel.2018.09.147
Impact Factor: 6.609 SCI & SCOPUS Indexed
09 L. Goswami, R. Vinoth Kumar, S.N. Borah, N.A. Manikandan, K. Pakshirajan, G. Pugazhenthi Membrane bioreactor and integrated membrane bioreactor systems for micropollutant removal from wastewater: A review Journal of Water Process Engineering 26 (2018) 314–328 DOI: 10.1016/j.jwpe.2018.10.024
Impact Factor: 5.485 SCI & SCOPUS Indexed


No. Authors TItle of the Paper Conference Title Year Page Venue
01 K. V. V. Satyannarayana, S. Lakshmi Sandhya Rani, R. Vinoth Kumar* Fabrication and characterization of low-cost tubular ceramic membrane using bentonite as inexpensive raw material 2nd International Conference On Chemical, Bio & Environmental Engineering 2021 N/A NIT Jalandhar
02 S. Lakshmi Sandhya Rani, K. V. V. Satyannarayana, R. Vinoth Kumar* Synthesis and characterization of novel low-cost ceramic membrane fabricated from fuller's earth clay by dry pressing method 2nd International Conference On Chemical, Bio & Environmental Engineering 2021 N/A NIT Jalandhar
03 S. Lakshmi Sandhya Rani and R. Vinoth Kumar* Insights on applications of low-cost ceramic membrane technology in wastewater treatment 2nd International Conference On Chemical, Bio & Environmental Engineering 2021 N/A NIT Jalandhar
04 C.S. Shivamathi, M.R. Soosai, R. Vinoth Kumar, P.V. Lakshmi, R.S. Kumar, S. Karthikumar, I.G. Moorthy Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction of pectin from Manila tamarind peel International Conference On Green Energy for Environmental Sustainability (ICGEES – 2020) 2020 EC 24 NIT Calicut
05 R. Vinoth Kumar* Robust tubular ceramic membrane: Fabrication, characterization and application International Conference on Multifunctional and Hybrid Composite Materials for Energy, Environment and Medical applications – ICMHCEE – 2019 2019 22 NIT Trichy
06 R. Vinoth Kumar*, S. Morales-Torres, M.O. Barbosa, A.R. Ribeiro, M.F.R. Pereira, A.M.T. Silva Effect of advanced oxidation technologies on the removal of organic micropollutants from urban wastewater: Assessment and incorporation of DCMD for water reuse International Conference on Sustainable Development in Energy and Environment (ICSDEE–2019) 2019 35 KCET, Madurai
07 R. Vinoth Kumar,G. Pugazhenthi Novel low cost ceramic and zeolite-ceramic composite membranes for liquid phase separation applications 71st Annual Session of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers – CHEMCON – 2018 2018 N/A NIT Jalandhar
08 R. Vinoth Kumar*, S. Morales-Torres, M.O. Barbosa, A.R. Ribeiro, M.F.R. Pereira, A.M.T. Silva Combination of advanced oxidation processes and direct contact membrane distillation for municipal wastewater treatment International Conference on Advances and Challenges for Sustainable Ecosystems – ICACSE – 2018 2018 68 NIT Trichy
09 R. Vinoth Kumar, A.K. Basumatary, G. Pugazhenthi Faujasite zeolite membrane supported on low cost tubular ceramic substrate for heavy metal removal International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources – Innovations and Impacts – TECHNOSCAPE – 2018 2018 25 VIT Vellore


No. Authors TItle Book, Publisher, DOI & Pages Year
01 Ms. Lakshmi Sandhya Rani, Dr. Vinoth Kumar Raja “Eco-friendly ceramic membranes from inexpensive raw materials and their applications” published by "Springer". Eco-friendly ceramic membranes from inexpensive raw materials and their applications Springer, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-96554-9_56 2022
02 K. V. V. Satyannarayana, R. Singh, I.G. Moorthy, R. Vinoth Kumar* Microbial biodiesel production using microbes in general Handbook of Biodiesel and Petrodiesel Fuels: Science, Technology, Health, and Environment, Taylor & Francis Group, (In Press) 2020
03 R. Vinoth Kumar*, I.G. Moorthy, L. Goswami, G. Pugazhenthi, K. Pakshirajan, A.M.T. Silva, S. Morales-Torres Analytical methods in biodiesel production Biomass Valorization to Bioenergy,Springer Publishers,DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-0410-5_13 Pages: 197-219 2020
04 R. Singh, K. V. V. Satyannarayana, R. Vinoth Kumar, I.G. Moorthy Membrane technology in bioprocess engineering The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, Springer Publishers, DOI: 10.1007/698_2020_505 Pages: 1-26 2020

No. Name Year Achievement Affiliated body
01 Dr. Vinoth Kumar Raja 2020 Approved with a GIAN (Global Initiative of Academic Networks) Course Ministry of Education (Government of India)
02 Dr. Vinoth Kumar Raja 2019 Sanctioned with a Project from Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) Department of Science and Technology (Government of India)
03 Dr. Vinoth Kumar Raja 2019 Awarded Bharat Ratna Kamaraj Memorial Young Scientist with Citation Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology (Tamil Nadu)
04 Dr. Vinoth Kumar Raja 2018 Prof. Shyamal Kanti Sanyal Memorial Award with Citation Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE)