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The School of Sciences, National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh, was initiated in the same year of establishment of the institute. The School of Sciences encompasses the basic departments in Sciences – Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Presently, the School offers all the basic science courses to the Under-graduate engineering students of the institute. Since, science courses form the basis for all the engineering disciplines, syllabus pertaining to Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are meticulously planned to provide updated information to the students. The courses being taught are not restricted to first year alone, since the School offers elective courses for the higher semesters as well.

The Department is equipped with good number of faculty who have obtained Ph.D. degrees from internationally reputed institutes. The Department is strengthened with the services of faculty members having rich expertise in the areas of Differential equations, Linear Algebra, Functional Analysis, Mathematical Physics, magnetic materials, photonic materials, shape memory alloys, nano materials, energy materials, synthetic methods for biologically active molecules, peptide chemistry, molecular self-assembly, glyconanoparticles, click chemistry, corannulene chemistry and antibacterial materials. The faculty of the department are highly motivated with a strong commitment to teaching and research. Faculty members involve in the execution of sponsored research projects funded by SERB, UGC, UGC DAE CSR, and etc. Also, faculty have been taking active part in the development of the institute.

Department has already established physics and chemistry laboratories for the Under-graduate students. These labs are equipped with latest experiments and are periodically upgraded. The faculty members are committed to establish the research laboratory with the aim of performing cutting-edge research in the areas of physical and chemical science through collaboration with leading institutions. Efforts are being undertaken to initiate Centres of Excellence in Materials Development and build a state-of-the art characterization facility to cater to the needs of researchers working in the areas of Materials research.

Text books and reference materials suggested by the faculty members to the students are of international standards. The Laboratory course materials are substantiated with video demonstrations and efforts to develop Virtual laboratories have commenced recently. This facilitates the teaching-learning process, and helps the students to be well-prepared and face the real-time laboratory sessions with confidence.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with leading international and national research institutes and organizations are in the pipeline. It is proposed to undertake post-graduate students for research internships during summer and winter sessions every year.

Programmes such as Faculty Development Programmes, Conferences, quizzes and Webinars, are being organized in a phased manner. This helps the members of faculty to stay abreast with the latest developments in their areas of expertise and build strong collaborations with leading scientists and researchers.

The number of research scholars pursuing their Ph.D. degree in the School shows a constant progress. Faculty members also publish research articles in highly reputed international journals. Filing patents is also encouraged by the institute.

Overall, the academic, and research activities of the School is aimed to provide a vibrant, all-inclusive and progressive environment for all the individual faculty members and the students involved and the team together.

To offer quality education in the significant domains of basic and applied sciences by developing vibrant academic and research eco-system capable of nurturing and producing competent engineers and scientists.
  • Expose students to the key areas of basic sciences by developing a conducive and progressive teaching-learning ambience augmented with research insights.
  • To inculcate and nurture innovative capabilities in students by offering project-based learning and internship practices.
  • To undertake active multi-disciplinary research projects with industry through consultancy and collaborative initiatives in the areas of expertise.
  • Encourage students to enhance scientific potential for catering to societal needs.


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