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The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering was established in 2015 with a B.Tech Undergraduate programme in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering with an intake of 30 students. The Department also offers PhD (Full-time/Part-time) and M.S. (Research) programmes since 2019. The B.Tech course curriculum mainly focuses on areas that include Mineral Processing, Physical Metallurgy, Extractive Metallurgy (Iron, Steel and Non-ferrous Metal extraction), Phase Transformation and Heat Treatment, Manufacturing Technologies (Metal Casting, Metal Forming, Metal Joining and Powder Metallurgy), Mechanical Metallurgy (includes Material Testing – Destructive and Non-Destructive), Corrosion Engineering, Materials Characterization Techniques, Composites, Ceramics, Polymers, Nanomaterials, Computer Applications in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering etc. The laboratories of the Department are well-furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.

To be a unique knowledge centre in Metallurgy and Materials Science and impart fundamental and applied knowledge to enable prospective engineers to embark in versatile domains encompassing novel materials development, research and entrepreneurship.
  • To motivate graduates and provide them with high-quality education and hands-on training in Metallurgy and Materials Science for productive careers in engineering and allied fields.
  • To encourage graduates to discover and disseminate new knowledge through creative activity in novel materials research.
  • To engage in collaborative research with academia, R&D and industry partners and extend our expertise for research, testing and consultancy.
  • To provide service to the state, the nation, and the world by advancing the frontiers of materials technology and thereby enhancing the human condition.


 Phone: +91 9912164066, 8074681493