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ECEA is an association of students of ECE department, who actively involve in the technical and cultural events that are conducted with the support of the department faculty members and staff, to enhance the personal and managerial attributes required for framing the student’s career.

The association aims at projecting the multi-dimensional skills of the students which helps in knowledge improvement and exposure.

ECEA provides the freedom and creates a platform for the students to learn the fundamentals of engineering education and apply them in the fields of Electronics and Communications.

Events like technical talks, guest lectures, project exhibitions, workshops are organized periodically.

In addition, the students can look for an opportunity in ECEA to exhibit their hidden talent in arts, science and cultural activities. Cultural events include visual art, JAM sessions, role play etc.


To bring out the passion, intelligence, creativity in students for bridging the gap between Academics & Industry and to nurture them to face the Future Societal Challenges.


  1. To conduct different technical activities in collaboration with National/International professional bodies, that helps the students to refresh their fundamental technical knowledge, learn the current technological trends and become technically competent in addressing the future technology challenges.
  2. To conduct different non-technical activities that helps the students to identify their passion and excel in it.
  3. To provide a platform for the students to interact with technical and non-technical stalwarts of different fields.
  4. To stimulate the department students towards the Entrepreneurial Activity.
  5. To conduct different activities that helps the students to inculcate human values and professional ethics and make them philosophical towards the societal issues.


Assistant professor and HOD
Assistant professor
Faculty advisor - ECEA04
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Assistant professor
Treasurer - ECEA04
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Details of student body of ECEA04 (AY 2021-2022)

N.ROHITH ANAND, Secretary IV-B Tech
Y.ANUHYA, Secretary IV-B Tech
K.SHIVA TEJESH, Joint Secretary III-B Tech
V.K.S.KOUSHAL, Joint Secretary III-B Tech
JADDA TEENA RAJ, Joint Secretary II-B Tech
ADITYA MEHTA, Joint Secretary II-B Tech

List of Executive Members ECEA04:

  1. SUSMITHA CHAPARALA, IV-B Tech - 611819
  2. BHUSHANAM SAITEJA, IV-B Tech - 611810
  3. DURGA PAVAN KUMAR, III-B Tech - 611958
  4. SAI CHANDRA TALLAM, III-B Tech - 611984
  5. CHIRRA SREEJA, III-B Tech - 611915
  6. LAKKIDI VINAY, III-B Tech - 611946
  7. SYED MALLAK BASHEER, III-B Tech - 611983
  8. M.VAMSI KRISHNA, II-B Tech - 9201260
  9. HARIKA REDDY, II-B Tech - 9202150
  10. SIRI PRODDUTURI, II-B Tech - 9201406
  11. PRANAY RAJ MULUPURI, II-B Tech - 9201235

Plan of action:

Every year ECEA conducts innumerable events involving both technical and cultural aspects. Technical events include seminars, workshops, projects, aptitude tests etc. cultural events such as visual art, role play, quiz and games are also part of the activities conducted by ECEA.

This year, ECEA in collaboration with IEEE SPS - NIT AP planned several technical events that are to be conducted in the academic year 2021-2022.

Tentative list of the events planned are as follows.

  1. Online workshops on latest trends and technologies
    • Machine learning and its applications
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Internet of things and robotics
    • Data science
  2. Workshops on installation guide for various softwares.
    • Matlab
    • Coding softwares (jupyter notebooks, pycharm etc)
    • PSpice
  3. Workshop on OOPS and web development.
  4. Workshop on android app development and ethical hacking.
  5. Tutorials on Python, Java, Matlab and Arduino.
  6. Seminars and technical talks related to trending technologies.
  7. Preparatory exercises for GATE, CAT, GRE.
  8. Seminar on latest developments in electronics field.
  9. Workshop on wireless transmission, automated drones and cars.
  10. Guest lectures related to core and programming.
Apart from these technical activities, other events include
  1. Career guidance
  2. Guidance on placement and internship opportunities.
  3. Interaction with seniors for better communication among students.
  4. Detailed podcasts of in-campus placements.
  5. Various competitions and games through online mode.

ECEA in its past three seasons, has been successful in engaging the students with different technologies and personality development skills through different kinds of events and workshops. It has set a tremendous positive impact on the students of ECE allowing them to show up in various activities and helped them to improve their expertise. It also helped them enhance their ability to understand and effectively communicate engineering and related concepts, nurture entrepreneurship and leadership qualities to fulfil their roles in providing service to society.

ECEA past commentaries...!

As quoted by Matt Mullenweg “Technology is best when it brings people together”, is an absolute reflection for our ECE Association. Being the Secretary of ECE Association 2019-20 is undoubtedly one of the best experiences in NIT Andhra Pradesh. It enabled to put forth the abilities of our association team for betterment of the students. With the support of faculty members and fellow students the association functioned well overcoming limitations. Several events organised and even more sleepless nights involving extensive background work provided a very unique experience for us all. Even though out association effectively functioned only for a few months due to the Covid pandemic, we worked hard to present our fullest within our small window of working period by organising workshops, technical talks, placement guidance and many other events. Having a wonderful team at my side we were able to organize several events despite several constraints, for which I would like to thank everyone in our team.

Avinash Hecherla, Secretary ECEAO2

ECE Association has such a huge daily impact on students of ECE. On average each month over 6-8 events are being organised by students with the help of faculty under the name of ECEA. These include events like informational, sports, interactions, knowledge oriented, etc., Being a part of association for 2 years both as an executive and Joint Secretary, I learnt things like management, leadership, communication, technologies and team work. Working here made me feel highly professional because of all the causalities and protocols we followed. The assurance and support received from HOD, association coordinator and faculty were highly adorable. Nevertheless, my fellow mate’s coordination and team work made us successful. Last but not the least, participation from students was incomparable. Hereby, I thank all the people involved in this process.

Nikith Katkam, Joint Secretay ECEAO2

It was a wonderful experience working in ECEA. This Association taught me regarding Management and the significance of Networking while organising events. This Association creates a free space for wielding our technical and cultural talents. It also gave me a rare chance to have a 360° experience of working in a team. I'm grateful for my Seniors and the Faculty members for being my support system.

N. Manasa, Joint Secretary ECEA02

Over the past few years, the ECEA has been working to promote students in both academic and non-academic aspects. This has been a collective effort involving the association members, faculty and most importantly the students. Happy to be a part and hope the legacy continues!

P.N.S.Meghana, Secretary ECEA03

First and foremost Learning curve in multiple aspects increases for a person in association which is good for oneself and me working here was one of the best I could get, and the support we received from faculty, fellow members, and all the participants was commendable. Work management, Multitasking, Official work procedures, working with professionals are the most important things I have learnt in past two years of my work at ECEA.
On the best note I would thank our institute for encouraging these associations and also thank faculty for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

A. Maheshwari Durga, Joint Secretary ECEA03

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