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The ECE Herald

The ECE Herald is the monthly newsletter of ECE Department, NIT Andhra Pradesh. It was started by Dr. Puli Kishore in the academic year 2018-19.

The ECE Herald which aims for the accountability of the monthly events that has taken place in ECE Department, which includes both technical and non-technical activities. The ECE Herald is like a mirror to improve and self-build the department with a motto of “by the students - for the students” so that ECE department will become one of the finest departments.

We have successfully finished 4 volumes of ece herald and we already started volume 5 and the 1 st issue was released on 25 th sept 2022.

There are different sections in our issues which are technical articles, non-technical articles, career guidance, placement stories, useful resources, gate questions, riddles, pics and artworks.


  • Sharing and gaining of knowledge is the motto and will be the continuous process which runs through this Newsletter.
  • Also, discovering and helping in exhibiting the talents of the students through the newsletter.
  • In the service to make everybody aware of the opportunities before it’s too late by our "THE ECE HERALD" official newsletter.


  • Circulating the magazine to each and every corner of the ECE family.
  • Releasing the issue in the right time with the latest content.
  • Changing the different sections of the newsletter with the relevant information with respect to time and latest trends.


Assistant professor and HOD
Assistant professor
Faculty advisor - The ECE Herald
Email ID:

The ECE Herald Team 2022-23 (Volume 05)

Secretary (Chief Editor)

PVSN Subhash 4th


1. Teena Raj 3 rd

2. Sumanth 3 rd


  1. Srilaxmi 3 rd
  2. Sri Pallavi 3 rd
  3. Mounika 3 rd
  4. Vishnu Vardhan 2 nd
  5. Vikas Kakde 2 nd
  6. Varshitha 2 nd
  7. Sriya Gangothri 2nd


  1. Madhav 3 rd
  2. Chirag Agarwal 2 nd
  3. Sai Bhargav 3 rd
  4. Siri 3 rd
  5. Sathvika 3 rd
  6. Srilaxmi 3 rd
  7. Sai Kiran 3 rd
  8. Madhav Bhansali 2nd

Support and Fault Finding

1. Gowri Sankar 3 rd

2. Varshitha 2 nd

3. Aditya 3 rd

4. Harika 3 rd

5. Siri 3 rd

Advertisements and


  1. ENS Sai Ram Kumar 3rd
  2. Sravani 2nd
  3. Saurav Kumar 2nd
  4. Siliveri Sriharshini 2nd
  5. G Chandrika 3rd
  6. Ritu Raj 2nd
  7. M.L Sowjanya 2nd
  8. Niharika 2nd


  1. PVSN Subhash 4th
  2. Vikas Billa 3rd
  3. Chirag Agarwal 2nd
  4. P Jahnavi 2nd
  5. M Neha Sai Sree 3rd
  6. Kalakuri Madhuri 3rd

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