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This Hardware-Software co-simulation based laboratory is offered in even semester of second year ECE. This lab helps the student to gain a significant working knowledge of Fixed- and Floating-point DSP Processors. It enables students to learn about Code Composer Studio (CCS), Python and MATLAB (Matrix-Lab) software. Students perform several signal processing tasks such as Arithmetic operations, Convolution, Correlation, DFT, I-DFT, Image Processing using the Texas TMS320C67x series DSP Development Kit.

The Microwave and Lightwave Technologies Laboratory is offered in even semester of fourth year. In this lab, student gain the working knowledge of Microwave circuits and devices. This lab is equipped with Klystron and GUNN based Test Bench, Vector Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meter, Noise Source, Optical Fiber Trainer, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, and various other microwave equipments . Students performs experiments based on these Test Bench and Trainer Kit to find out the Mode characteristics, to measure VSWR, to study Fiber Characteristics, to measure Numerical Aperture, to study the properties of Circulator and Directional Coupler, etc.