Brindavanam (Horticultural Designs)


Faculty Coordinator
NIT Andhra Pradesh


Brindavanam (Horticultural Designs)

Brindavanam is one of the newly launched clubs of NIT Andhra Pradesh which is formed in the Academic year 2021 – 2022.

This club is initiated in the veiw to design and develop greenery in the campus through horticulture designs.


The Brindavanam club has a long vision in shaping the greenery of the campus. The club tries to use the vast unproductive empty land for various small scale farming so as to increase productive green cover in the campus. We request you to stay tuned to our club activities.


Our club has come up with the objectives in horticulture designs,waste management, landscape designing, for which the club achieves these objectives through various events which involves both students and faculties


Remembering the great Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam viswesaraya on his birth anniversary
IDEATHON on September 11 th
We shared google forms so as to collect innovative ideas from their respective branch concepts which would help in doing horticulture
SMARTICUS (Inter branch quiz competition)on September 15
MME students got the 1st prize
MECH students got the 2nd prize


List of student office bearers

S.No Position Name of the Student Department Year
1 Secretary Senapthi Mohana Prasad MME III
2 Joint Secretary Janapathi Shivani EEE III
Chamallamudi prasanth Chowdary Civil III
Bhavitha Kovvuri EEE III
3 Executive Member Sujitha Sane.A EEE III
Tota Ankesh EEE III
Akshaya Chintham Mech III
Doddaboina Divya Biotech III
Surada Nagendra Vara Prasad Mech III
Peddireddy Lalitha Devi Chem III
Patel Niharika Reddy ECE III
Niveda Vusse EEE III
Kotipatruni Anusha EEE III
4 Volunteers K Sumanth Sri Krishna Mech III
Sushil Shinde Chem II
Reethu Kumari Chem II
Anushek Kumar Mech II
Krishna Priya Mech II
B Sai Krishna Dattu Mech III
T Sri Lakshmi ECE II
K Dhanush Chandra EEE II
Veldi Bharath Civil II