Nature and Value Education


Asst. Professor, MME
NIT Andhra Pradesh


Nature and Value Education


Nature and Value Education (NVE) Club promotes environmental discipline and environmental responsibility by creating awareness, motivating and by sensitizing the situation. The club has always been active and successfully conducted Swacchtha Pakhwada 2020 and 2021, an environment awareness campaign launched under Swachh Bharat Mission. The club conducts various competitions and cleaning drives, thus encouraging everyone to learn the ways of leading an ideal life.


This club wants to empower everyone to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects and influence everyone to promote sound environmental behavior and environmental awareness. We focus on inculcating good morals in the society by unequivocally standing against social evils, making the youth aware of their need for a better Nation.


  1. Monitor and operate the environmental and sustainable activities in the college campus.
  2. To stop use of single use plastics by following other alternatives.
  3. Promoting awareness about water management, plantation and neatness.
  4. Increase interest and knowledge about morals, ethics and societal values.


S.No Name Role Email Id
1 Rachakonda Saahit Sagar Secretary
2 Anakagalla Srinath Joint Secretary
3 Doddaboina Divya Joint Secretary
4 Peddireddy Lalitha Devi Joint Secretary
5 Thammineni Praveen Kumar Reddy Executive Member
6 V Krishna Priya Executive Member
7 Aaditya Priyadarshi Executive Member
8 Sushmitha Mirpati Executive Member
9 S Tejaswini Executive Member
10 Medem Siva Lakshmi Bhavani Executive Member
11 Aditya Mehta Executive Member
12 Mogili Sruthi Executive Member
13 Tota Ankesh Executive Member
14 Anusha Palaparthi Executive Member
15 Sai Teja Battula Volunteer
16 Surayya Afsheen Volunteer
17 Bharotu Sowjanya Volunteer
18 Tathaghat Volunteer
19 Gayathiri Suresh Kumar Volunteer
19 Tejavath Pravalika Volunteer
20 Dillesh Volunteer
21 Ajeet Kumar Volunteer