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Faculty Advisor, E&I Cell
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About Entrepreneurship & Innovation Cell

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell, NIT Andhra Pradesh, initiated by Mr.Kiran Babu Pilla along with Mr. Chanakya Rajappagari, (final year mechanical) and Mr. M J Saura Siddarth,(final year civil) forming a body of 57 members which include General Secretary, Joint Secretaries, executive members and associate cell members from all the four years and all the departments, started working on its mission since its inception on October 29, 2018.

About the Cell

E & I Cell, NIT Andhra Pradesh, believes that Innovation and Entrepreneurship complement each other. Our aim is to cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial temper among the students. The cell always lends a helping hand to the budding entrepreneurs and innovative minds. We start from identifying ideas and go towards nurturing them.

"You have to believe it before you see it"

We believe in your ideas and help you believe in your own ideas by extending our support and showing you the way forward. With us, you can foresee your success

Our Vision

We aim at building innovative, enterprising and thereby self-reliant India. We strive to create an impact to the society by instigating a change.

Our Mission

E&I-Cell, NIT Andhra Pradesh is dedicated to fostering innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit within the institute. We provide a platform for creative and igniting minds to project their scientific, technological, managerial skills and help them mould their ideas into reality.


Upcoming Events

March 19,2019



April 1, 2019

  • Series of 6 rounds

    • Registration

    • Written test

    • Group discussion

    • Auction

    • Marketing & Commercialize

    • Setting up stalls

  • Elimination after each round till 3rd round

  • Ultimately 6 teams competing

  • Introducing most important aspects of entrepreneurship to our future entrepreneurs

  • Smart investment and assessing present market scenario

Ad Making

March 28, 2019

  • Designing ad for a product

  • Poster and Video presentation

  • Testing the advertising skills


March 27, 2019

  • An online stock exchange event


Our events and concepts are designed to fulfill our vision.

biz chAllenge

  • An online case study event

  • Conducted every fortnightly

  • To boost analyzing and problem solving skills


  • Investing money in one's ideas

  • Involves marketing and promotion

  • Record Profits/Loss

  • Experience in Trading


  • For innovative minds

  • Idea Presentation

  • Getting funds and technical support

  • Start-ups and technology patents



S.No Position Name of the Student Year Department
1 General Secretary Jhnavi Sonatkar IV MME
2 Joint Secretary Abinash Palmela IV EEE
Deepthi IV EEE
Utkarsh Kamble II ME
Raju Yadav II ME
3 Executive Members Praveen Kumar Reddy IV MME
Rithvik II CSE
Sadiya Samreen II ECE
Gayathri Suresh II MME
Adarsh II CHEM
Ajeet Kumar II MECH
4 Associate Members K.S.S. Varma Ii BIOT
Adarsh Singh II CHEM