Painting and Photography


Faculty Coordinator
NIT Andhra Pradesh


Painting and Photography

PNP club promotes Photography and Painting as a hobby among scholars and makes every moment unforgettable by capturing through the lens and adding colors to each moment through the brush.
This club is known for its fun-filled environment Photography and Painting Club is a blend of individuals who want to capture and make beauty.
The club aims to make opportunities for everybody to get the artist within themselves.
It also gives them the platform to color their dreams into reality. We are a gaggle of likeminded people that have a child’s eye for observation, an artist’s taste for beauty, and a poet’s expression for emotion.
We wish to click and paint a much bigger picture of our vision. Our purpose is to encourage people to precise their thoughts and emotions through art or photography.
We urge art and photography fanatics to collect and exchange their knowledge and encourage new beings towards painting and photography.
This club has organized various art and photography-related events in the past. This year we decided to show you our skills in a little different way. Stay tuned!


  • We have successfully conducted one online painting event on Janmashtami And in college we have conducted three events namely Rangoli, Face and hand painting, Reliving memories.
  • Reliving memories was done with the collaboration of L&D club.


The following Students have been selected for various positions of Painting and Photography Club for the academie year 2021 - 2022.

S.No Roll No Name Year Position
1 711833 M Vamsi krishna IV year Secretary
2 711818 Yogendra Dhulipudi IV year Joint Secretary
3 611826 Navaneetha IV year Joint Secretary
4 711840 Pardhu.O IV year Member
5 311943 Poreddy Hemanth Kumar Reddy III year Member
6 511923 Hema Priya Jyostna III year Member
7 511991 Yashwant III year Member
8 711917 Akshaya III year Member
9 711967 Vummiti Bhashita III year Member
10 9201501 Vikram sable II year Member
11 9202138 Uday Chaitanya II year Member