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Literary and Debate

Literary and Debate Club has been an integral club since the inception of NIT Andhra Pradesh. The club has always been active and has organized scintillating events, and in the academic year 2020-2021, the club took an unparalleled stride, becoming the first club in the institute to hold an independent festival christened as SWEVEN. The club's annual festival,SWEVEN, endeavours to reach out to literary and debate enthusiasts across the nation,making it a confluence of celebrity speakers. The club conducts debate and discussions focussing on the development of oratory and communication skills of students. Resource persons from diverse fields have collaborated with the club, scaffolding its vision.


Literary and Debate Club, a learning ground for debating and creative writing, aims to develop self-efficacy and confidence in students. The club looks forward to organizing events for showcasing students' artistic talents. In addition, it strives to bring in a potpourri of events every week to engage the literary enthusiasts among students.


A community of creative and thoughtful students, the club organizes a plethora of events chiselling the multifarious skills of students. The club goes the extra mile to sensitize students on issues of glocal importance. It edifies students to respond constructively, inculcating socially desirable values such as solidarity and compassion.



Literary and Debate Club

S.No Name Position Year
1 Aditya Virkar Secretary IV Year
2 Hriman Mandal Joint Secretary IV Year
3 Kiran Shekokar Team Leader - Web Development IV Year
4 Gayatri Kumari Team Leader - Debate Team IV Year
4 Lakshmi Prasanna Team Leader - Social Media IV Year
5 J Sri Sravya Team Leader - Public Relations IV Year
6 Akshaya Executive Member III Year
7 Alan Sanjeev Executive Member III Year
8 Amrutha Kunkunmudi Executive Member III Year
9 Anam Hussain Executive Member III Year
10 Anitha Chunduri Executive Member III Year
11 Avanija Reddy S Executive Member III Year
12 G. Gautam Executive Member III Year
13 K. Shiva Tejesh Executive Member III Year
14 Niveda Vusse Executive Member III Year
15 P.V. Tejaswini Executive Member III Year
16 Sahiti K Executive Member III Year
17 Subrahmanyam Kolachina Executive Member III Year
18 Suharika G. Executive Member III Year
19 Tallapragada Hemasri Executive Member III Year
20 Vanga Sai Srikar Executive Member III Year
21 Adarsh Varshney Executive Member II Year
22 Aditya Mehta Executive Member II Year
23 Aman Solanke Executive Member II Year
24 Guru Saranya Vinjamuri Executive Member II Year
25 Harshita Gupta Executive Member II Year
26 Komarala Satya Venkata Swaroop Executive Member II Year
27 M.M. Manya Executive Member II Year
28 Mandalemula Anisha Executive Member II Year
29 Navaneeth K Nampoothiri Executive Member II Year
30 Rethivik G. Executive Member II Year
31 Sanskruti Ajay Hanwante Executive Member II Year
32 Sathvik Narala Executive Member II Year
33 Subramanian R S Executive Member II Year
34 Suman Jee Executive Member II Year
35 Suman Kumar Verma Executive Member II Year