Faculty Coordinator
NIT Andhra Pradesh



We will be giving carrer guidance to the students ater considering their interests and talents and help them pursue the field which beat suits them.

We aim to prepare the intermediate students for various competitive exams of engineering and medical along with doubt removal, enhancing their analytical skills, logical and critical thinking.

PRAYATNAM endeavours to encourage the all-round development of students along with the right attitude backed by an analytical mind.


Our vision is of a country where everyone can read and write and determine the importance of education. Our vision is to make people believe that they can have a safe and secure future in unconventional jobs even and they help them pursue their dreams.


Our primary objective is to improve the quality of education, ensuring that all children are educated and to provide career counseling to students about the professions they can choose so that their options are not limited.

We aim to provide the resources to improve school's relationship with the children, parents and the community member in order to promote the importance of education at young age and help to reduce drop-out rates.



Name Will serve as
Dr. Veeresh Kumar G B Faculty In-charge

The following students are the members of Prayatnam for AY 2021-22. Their respective roles are mentioned against their names.

S.No Name Roles Year
1 Shreyas Sahay Secretary IV
2 Sumit Kashyap Joint Secretary IV
3 Dheeraj Kumar Volunteer Coordinator IV
4 Reethika Mattewada Social Media Coordinator IV
5 Sudhanshu Pandey Management Coordinator III
6 Subrahmanyam Kolachina Marketing Coordinator III
7 Angesh Kumar Teaching Coordinator III
8 Lubhit Bisen Content Creation & Design Coordinator III
9 Niharika Executive Members III
10 Reethu Kumari Executive Members II
11 Utkarsh Kamble Executive Members II
12 Tota Ankesh Executive Members III
13 Adharsh Kumar Executive Members II
14 Satuluri Tejaswini Executive Members III
15 Kotipatruni Anusha Executive Members III
16 Shreyanshi Srivastava Executive Members II
17 Mogili Sruthi Executive Members III
18 Nirneetha Mallela Volunteer III
19 Sai Teja Battula Volunteer III
20 Venga Sai Srikar Volunteer III
21 Chodisetti Datta Sowmya Sri Volunteer II
22 Vasthav Rayalu Volunteer II
23 Alok Raj Volunteer II
24 Hari Phanendranadh Volunteer II
25 Adarsh Singh Volunteer II
26 Banoth Sariyu Volunteer II